Organization survey and settings management

You can manage all surveys in an organization and organization-wide settings for Survey123 on the Organization page of the Survey123 website. This page is only available to organization administrators or users with a role that includes the Organization website privilege. To learn more about privileges, see Administrative privileges in ArcGIS Online or Administrative privileges in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Manage surveys

Surveys are managed by administrators in the same way as an owner would manage a survey. On the All surveys tab on the Organization page of the Survey123 website, you can see all surveys in your organization. As an administrator, you can do the following:

  • Filter surveys by organization member.
  • Update survey information, republish, or change sharing permissions for any survey.
  • Add report templates to any survey.
  • Change ownership of a survey from one organization member to another.


When changing the ownership of a survey, the ownership of linked content, printed reports, and exported data is not changed. If the survey was created from an existing feature layer, the ownership of the source feature layer item is not changed. Ownership of report templates and feature layers that were generated by Survey123 is changed. The Associated items table, shown during the change of ownership step, lists all associated items and indicates whether the ownership of each item is changed.

Organization settings

An organization administrator can configure settings that apply to all Survey123 users. On the Organization page of the Survey123 website, click the Settings tab to view or modify these settings.

These settings change the behavior of Survey123 for all users in your organization.


Organizational settings will only apply to public surveys if Allow anonymous access to your organization is enabled for your ArcGIS organization. For more information, see Configure security settings in ArcGIS Online or Configure security settings in ArcGIS Enterprise.

General settings

Shared theme

Override the default application theme with the colors and logo in your organization's shared theme. For more information, see Shared theme in ArcGIS Online or Shared theme in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Tutorials tab

Show the Tutorials tab in Survey123 Connect. The content on the Tutorials tab is regularly updated from online sources.

Community tab

Show the Community tab in Survey123 Connect. The content on the Community tab is regularly updated from online sources.


Choose the templates that are available to survey authors when creating a survey:

  • Organization templates—Templates shared in your organization. It allows administrators to specify the group whose form items are made available as templates for organization members.
  • Templates from Esri—Templates for various uses and industries.
  • Templates from the Survey123 community—Templates designed by Survey123 users and shared publicly with the community. For more information, see the Survey123 Community page.

These settings are supported in Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 web designer.

Map settings

Map gallery

Select the group whose web maps will be shown in the map gallery. The organization basemap gallery is the default. All basemaps used in the Survey123 field app must use the Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere projection. Basemaps with other projections can only be used in the web app.

Default map

Select the default map used in a survey. The survey owner can override this setting on a per-survey basis. The organization basemap is the default.

Survey settings

Require update

You can require users to update a survey if a newer version is available. Users cannot access the survey until it has been updated. The survey owner cannot override this setting.

This setting is supported in the Survey123 field app only.