FAQ for stakeholders

Why does the map on the Data page for my survey show no location for some records?

You may find that your survey data does not show geometry on the map on the Data page. There are a few potential reasons for this:

  • The feature layer contains existing records, potentially not made by Survey123, that have null geometry.
  • Geotrace and geoshape questions do not require the user to provide a location by default.
  • Features will not be displayed for repeats, regardless of whether the repeat has a map question.

What determines the default map views for my survey's results?

The default map view of all results used by the Data and Analyze pages uses a map extent and zoom level that attempt to display as many of the given survey results as possible on one screen. These defaults are automatically generated and cannot be altered.

When looking at individual responses to a survey, either on the Data page or in a report, for geopoint questions the map is centered on your point and uses the default zoom level given for your survey's home location. For geotrace or geoshape questions, the map extent and zoom level are determined by the bounding box of the polyline or polygon geometry.

Can I show other users the results of my survey?

You can control who can access your survey's results on the Share results tab of the Collaborate page. For more information, see Share survey results.

Can I see related features or attachments in my survey?

Yes. Some answers are stored in a related table in a feature layer, such as questions in the repeat section, while some data uploaded by respondents is stored as attachments in a feature layer, such as photos. Go to the Data page of your survey and click any record in the table; if there are related records or attachments, they will appear below the table.

Can I download all the data of my survey?

Yes. You can do this in the Survey123 website.

Click your survey to see the summary results, and select the Data tab. On the tab, there is a button to download your data in CSV, Excel, KML, shapefile, or file geodatabase format. The survey owner can disable this option in the Update survey section of the Collaborate tab.

Alternatively, your feature layer is available in your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise account where you can also download your data in these formats.

Why are some of my survey results appearing off the west coast of Africa?

If your survey does not display a map question, a location is still given to every survey. If a device does not report its location, the default location stored is 0,0, which is located off the west coast of Africa. If you do include a map question in your survey, you can define a default that is more suitable for your survey.

Why are some fields labeled with the name instead of a label on the Data page?

The table of records on the Data page shows field aliases for column headers. Question types of hidden and calculate do not have an alias (a field's alias is derived from the question's label), so the question name is used instead. Hidden and calculate questions can be replaced with any other question type, such as text, integer, or decimal, with a hidden appearance applied. This would allow field aliases to be used as column headers.

Alternatively, to force the column header of hidden and calculate questions to show a label, use the bind::esri:fieldAlias column in your spreadsheet to specify a label.