Submit survey results

Once you've downloaded and filled in the survey, complete the following steps to submit your response:

  1. When you're finished with the survey, select the check mark at the lower right.

    If the device is online, a message box appears with three options: Send now, Continue with this survey, and Save in Outbox. Send now submits your response, as well as all responses saved in the Outbox.

    You can also select the close button in the upper left to exit an incomplete survey. A message box appears with three options: disregard your selections, continue your survey, or save your incomplete survey to Drafts to complete later.

    If your device has no internet connection, Send now is unavailable.

  2. For the purposes of this tutorial, select Save in Outbox.

    The app returns to the survey's contents page.

  3. Select Outbox.

    A list of surveys not yet submitted is shown. You can optionally edit these surveys before submission.

  4. When you're reconnected to the internet, select the Send button to submit all unsent surveys.

The results of your survey are now available on the Survey123 website for the survey owner and stakeholders to view.

Depending on how the survey is configured, you may be able to edit your responses after they have been submitted. For more information, see Edit existing survey data.