Known issues

For a list of known error messages that you may receive when saving or publishing a survey, see Troubleshoot.

To report or learn more about bugs in Survey123, visit Support.

Startup and sign in

Survey contents

Form behavior

Startup and sign in

The ArcGIS Survey123 field app fails to start, and an error message appears, stating that the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file is missing.

This message indicates that the Universal C Runtime in Windows components, which are required for running Survey123, are missing. These components were distributed in a Windows update that can be downloaded from Windows Support.

My link to open a Survey123 survey and populate the contents of a numerical question is not working when opened from ArcGIS Field Maps on Android using some non-English European locales.

On Android, a space within a URL will cause the URL to become truncated at that point. In locales that use a space as a thousands separator for large numbers, such as French, Swedish, German, and Danish, this can cause a failure to launch Survey123 when a large number is included in the launch URL.

Avoid this issue by disabling the thousands separator for that web map. Open the web map in ArcGIS Online, open Configure Attributes in the Configure Pop-up pane, and disable the Use 1000 Separator format option.

My link to open a Survey123 survey is not opening to a specific location with coordinates that use decimal commas.

Decimal commas are not supported by the Survey123 URL scheme's center parameter, and values passed to the app that use decimal commas will not function.

This issue can be avoided by ensuring that the center parameter passed as part of the URL scheme uses decimal points.

Browser-based sign in doesn't automatically return to the app on Windows.

This is a known limitation of browser-based sign in with Windows operating systems. This platform instead provides a string of text to paste into the app that completes the sign-in process.

I can't sign in to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal configured with SAML authentication using iOS.

Apple's default security processes for apps require Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 in a server's SSL settings. If the SAML server is using an earlier version, request that this be updated for your server.

Incorrect icons are displayed in the Survey123 field app on Windows.

Icons in the Survey123 field app are packaged as custom fonts that load when the app runs. If your Windows policy prevents untrusted custom fonts from loading, the icons in Survey123 are substituted with a system font.

The social media sharing card that I use to open a Survey123 survey doesn't show the expected survey title, thumbnail, and summary.

The detailed social media sharing card is generated for most surveys. The exception is public surveys stored in ArcGIS Enterprise whose URL contains the portalUrl parameter, for example, In this case, the generic Survey123 social media card will be shown for the survey.

Survey contents

The inbox crashes or appears to stop responding during a query.

This can occur due to the following:

  • The inbox query created when authoring the survey is invalid. No syntax checking is performed by Survey123.
  • The inbox query created when authoring the survey includes functions. Functions are not supported in inbox queries.

Sending one survey sends all surveys in the outbox.

Selecting the Send now button for one survey sends every survey in the outbox. You cannot send a single survey while other surveys remain in the outbox, so ensure all surveys in the outbox are ready to be sent before doing so.

Form behavior

There are corrupted characters in the Survey123 field app in my language of choice but not in others.

Corrupted characters may be caused when the font that the Survey123 field app uses, Avenir, does not fully support characters in other languages. This can be solved by providing an alternative font. To do this, from the Settings menu on the main screen of the Survey123 field app, open the Text page and select another available font on your device.

I cannot view, add, or modify file or audio attachments when editing a survey in the Survey123 field app.

Attachments for file and audio questions are not supported when editing a survey in the Survey123 field app. However, these attachments can be modified when editing a survey response in either the Survey123 website or Survey123 web app. For more information, see Edit existing survey data.

I am unable to edit survey data from a nonfederated feature layer.

Editing is limited to hosted feature layers only.

Decimal commas can't be entered on some Samsung devices.

The default numerical keyboard on some Samsung devices does not support decimal commas, causing decimal questions in locales that require decimal commas to be unable to accept a valid answer. This problem is only present on the default keyboard provided on some Samsung devices and can be avoided by using an alternate keyboard that does support decimal commas.

The app behaves unexpectedly when using the SwiftKey keyboard on Android.

This is a known Qt issue and is expected to be fixed in a future release. The SwiftKey keyboard may not be able to be reopened if the Enter key is used and may cause inputs and calculations to be incorrectly displayed.

I'm receiving errors when trying to use Spike with Survey123 on iOS.

To ensure that Spike integration works as intended on iOS, the following system permissions must be set:

  • Both Survey123 and Spike must have access to the camera.
  • Both Survey123 and Spike must have read and write access to photos.
  • Disable the iCloud photo library in the photo settings.

The compass readings from Spike aren't accurate.

Spike has its own compass calibration process, which should be performed to ensure accurate compass readings. For information on this calibration process, see ikeGPS' Spike tutorial.

Basic map types are the default on my Android device.

Standard map types are not supported on Android devices that use an ARMv7 32-bit device architecture. On these devices, you must use Basic map types. The map type can be selected on the Settings > Map tab of the Survey123 field app. To learn about the architecture of your device, go to the Survey123 About page. Long press the Powered by ArcGIS AppStudio text to reveal more system information and the device architecture.

Basic map types are the default on my iOS device.

Standard map types are not supported on devices that use iOS version 12 or earlier. On these devices, you must use Basic map types. The map type can be selected on the Settings > Map tab of the Survey123 field app. To find which version of iOS your device uses, go to the Survey123 About page. Long press the Powered by ArcGIS AppStudio text to reveal more system information and refer to the Operating system version.

If the device's region is not set to the default region for the device's language, decimal separators may not be recognized when a survey is submitted in the Survey123 field app.

The Survey123 field app supports only the default region for each supported language. Changing the device's region setting may cause issues with number formatting.

Image location data is removed when I browse to an image file on my Android device.

Depending on where you select your image file from on Android, the location EXIF data may be removed from the image file as it is loaded into the survey form. This may happen if selecting the image file from a folder location on the device (for example, the Device > DCIM > Camera folder). Select the image from a shortcut location (for example, the Images > Camera shortcut) to ensure the location EXIF data is maintained.