Create a project

Once ArcGIS Pro Intelligence is installed, you can open it and create a project or open an existing project.

  1. Open ArcGIS Pro Intelligence.

    The ArcGIS Pro Intelligence start page appears.

  2. To create a project, choose one of the project templates in the From Template list at the top of the start page.
    • Create a map project from the Map project template.
    • Create an empty project from the Blank project template.
  3. To create a project from a custom project template, click Open another template, and browse to and select a project template.
  4. Alternatively, click a project in the Recent Projects list to work on an existing project.

    To remove a project from the Recent Projects list, click More in the project card, and click Remove Project from list.

  5. Alternatively, click Open another project and browse to a project on your computer or portal.

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