Create a project

Once ArcGIS Pro Intelligence is installed, you can start it and choose an ArcGIS Pro project template.

  1. Open ArcGIS Pro Intelligence.

    The ArcGIS Pro Intelligence start page appears where you can create a project or select an existing project.

  2. To create a project, choose one of the options in either list at the top of the start page.
    • Create a project from a blank Map project template.
    • Choose a custom project template if you have any.
  3. Alternatively, open ArcGIS Pro Intelligence without specifying a new project. You can use Save As to name the project at any time.
  4. Alternatively, click a project in the carousel to work on an existing project.

    To remove a project from the carousel, right-click the project and click Remove Project from carousel.

  5. Alternatively, click Open another project and browse to a project on your computer or portal.

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