Install and configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor

You can install and register ArcGIS Web Adaptor once your ArcGIS Mission Server site has been created. ArcGIS Web Adaptor provides a connection between the ArcGIS Enterprise web server and your ArcGIS Mission Server site, and it allows you to choose the port, address, and authentication settings for incoming requests.

ArcGIS Web Adaptor is installed similarly to any other ArcGIS Server role, however, the Web Adaptor for ArcGIS Mission Server must be configured to use port 443 (instead of port 80). Configuring ArcGIS Web Adaptor to use port 443 will mean that you must bind the appropriate certificate to that port either through IIS, your Web Server, or Reverse Proxy. The links below go to the ArcGIS Server section of the ArcGIS Web Adaptor installation guide.

The setup steps forArcGIS Web Adaptor can differ depending on the type of web server (IIS, Java on Windows, or Java on Linux) on which it's being installed.

  1. If you're unfamiliar with ArcGIS Web Adaptor, see Use ArcGIS Web Adaptor.
  2. Install and configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor for IIS or Java (Windows).
  3. Consider the following differences between ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Mission Server as they relate to ArcGIS Web Adaptor:
    • The ports used by ArcGIS Mission Server for all communication are 20443 and 20301, instead of the HTTPS port used by ArcGIS Server, 6443. When configuring ArcGIS Web Adaptor with ArcGIS Mission Server, specify the URL format:

When ArcGIS Web Adaptor is installed and configured with your ArcGIS Mission Server site, configure the site with your ArcGIS Enterprise portal .