Access ArcGIS Mission Responder

This workflow describes how to begin using ArcGIS Mission Responder. It assumes that you have access to ArcGIS Mission Responder but have not yet installed it on your device.

Acquire the app

ArcGIS Mission Responder is a mobile app for use with smartphones, although the specific device you use is determined by organizational requirements. Esri mobile apps are available through mobile app stores, but your organization may provide the app to you via an .apk file.


Be careful when downloading new versions of Responder. It is important that the versions of ArcGIS Mission Responder, ArcGIS Mission, and ArcGIS Enterprise match. Attempting to use mismatched versions of these products is not supported.

Once you acquire the app files, your mobile device prompts you to install it. This should only take a few minutes.

App versions

Using the table below, ensure that your version of Responder matches the version of ArcGIS Mission and ArcGIS Enterprise you are using.

Enterprise version



10.8.1 Patch



Responder version




21.1 or



While you can find the latest versions of Responder on the app stores, if a different version is required, it is recommended that you download older versions from Esri to a workstation and side-load it onto your device. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click the following link while signed in with your ArcGIS account:
  2. Run the .exe file, extracting the .apk file to your machine.
  3. Transfer the .apk file to the device.
  4. Tap the .apk file to install it.

Once you acquire the app files, your mobile device prompts you to install it. This only takes a few minutes. If you experience any issues with acquiring a different version of the app, contact the team directly.

Open the app

Upon opening the app, the splash screen displays the app title and attempts to connect to your ArcGIS account. If it cannot do so, you are prompted to sign in with your ArcGIS account.

This prompt appears under the following circumstances:

  • This is your first time signing in to the app from this device.
  • The app was updated or otherwise changed since your last sign in.
  • You signed out of the app before closing it after a previous use.

However, ArcGIS Mission Responder stores your login credentials and does not ask you to provide them every time you sign in. For security reasons, your organization may require that you sign out of the app after every use.

Sign in

If you are prompted to sign in, tapping Sign In prompts you to provide your portal URL.

Your portal URL is provided to you by your organization and reflects the URL used by ArcGIS Mission Manager. Its format is similar to

To enter the portal, type your portal URL and tap Continue. Alternatively, you can use your device's QR code reader to sign in to your portal.

When you have entered the portal, you will be prompted to provide your ArcGIS login credentials. This login information can be your personal ArcGIS account, or it may have been generated by your organization specifically for use in ArcGIS Mission.

After entering your ArcGIS account information and tapping Sign In, you are taken to the mission list and can engage in a mission.