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If you want to list your products on ArcGIS Marketplace, learn more about becoming a provider.

Where can I find items that I have purchased?

You can find ArcGIS Marketplace items that you have purchased or requested in the console section.

How do I access the console section?

When you sign in to ArcGIS Marketplace, the console section of ArcGIS Marketplace is available to you. In the console section, you can view items and listings that you have purchased on the Apps & Data page, as well as those you have requested on the Requests page. To access the console section, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online account with ArcGIS Marketplace access and permissions.
  2. Click the Apps button Apps button and select ArcGIS Marketplace.
  3. On the ArcGIS Marketplace page, click Console.

From the console section, you can access the Apps & Data and Request pages.

What information can I find on the Apps & Data page?

The Apps & Data page lists all of your free, trial, and purchased listings. For each item, you can view the following information:

  • Listing name—The name of the item.
  • Provider—The name of the provider.
  • License type—The licensing information, including whether the item is a subscription. You can manage licenses here and update sharing properties for items licensed by organization. If the listing is a trial, you also see the number of days remaining until the trial ends.
  • Start date—The date that the item was purchased or the trial was started.
  • Renewal date—The renewal date of the item, if it has one.
  • Bundled items Bundle icon—Shows whether an item has supported data services with the listing.

You can download a comma-separated values (CSV) file with a list of all items on the page by clicking Download as CSV Download icon.

What information can I find on the Requests page?

Items that you have requested but are pending approval from the provider are listed on the Requests page. For each item, you can view the following information:

  • Listing name—The name of the item
  • Provider—The name and contact information of the provider
  • Date—The date the request was made
  • Status—The status of the request

When a provider receives payment and licenses your organization to use an item, the item is removed from the Requests page and appears on the Apps & Data page. When you pay for an item using the Esri shopping cart, the item appears directly on the Apps & Data page.

How do I grant others access to items purchased in ArcGIS Marketplace?

  1. Make sure you are signed in to ArcGIS Marketplace with an administrator role or a custom role with permissions to make purchases and start trials.
  2. From anywhere on the ArcGIS Marketplace site, click Console.
  3. Click Apps & Data to view a list of purchased items.
    1. For items that are licensed by organization, you see a Manage Sharing button. Click the button. A pop-up appears with a list of groups in your organization. Choose the group in which you would like to share the item.
    2. For items that are licensed by member, you see a Manage Licenses button. Click it to go to the Licenses page of ArcGIS Online. Select individual members of your organization to assign them a license to an item.

How do I access an item I have been given a license for?

  • Apps—After a web mapping app has been purchased and a license is assigned, you can open the app directly from your ArcGIS Online site. Once you're signed in, click the Apps button Apps button at the top of the page and choose the app you want to open.

  • Data—When you are signed in to an account with a license assigned for data, you can access the data in Map Viewer or Scene Viewer. Add data to the map or scene by clicking Add in Map Viewer, or Add layers in Scene Viewer. Choose Browse subscription layers. A list of layers and thumbnails licensed to your organization appears. Make your selection and add data to the map or scene.
  • ArcGIS Pro add-ins and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder widgets—If you have permissions to access the console section, you can download add-ins and widgets from the Apps & Data page. Find the listing on the Apps & Data page and click the Download button Download. If you don't have permissions to access the console section, the add-in or widget must be shared to a group in your ArcGIS Online organization. Group members can browse to the group, go to the Content page, and click Download.

What happens when my subscription to an item expires?

If a provider has sold an item through a subscription model (for example, a monthly, semiannual, or annual fee), you will receive an email notice when your subscription is 90 days from expiring. You can choose to renew your subscription at that time. If you do not renew your subscription before the expiration date, your organization and licensed members lose access to the item as of the subscription expiration date.