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Search for items

To find items in ArcGIS Marketplace, browse specific industries and categories or use the search box. Refine your results through filters and sorting.


By default, ArcGIS Marketplace shows you a set of items your organization can use within the ArcGIS platform. You can change what the marketplace shows you by selecting different browse options on the side of the site. For example, you can choose to have the site only show you apps or only show new items. In addition, you can browse for items that target a specific industry, such as business, defense, or public safety. You can also browse for specific categories of items such as field use or data visualization, and within data, you can browse for image, feature, and tiles.

The browse options are cumulative. For example, if you select a category and an industry, ArcGIS Marketplace applies both filters. To remove a particular browse filter from the search criteria, select All under that browse heading.


Enter keywords in the search box at the top of the site to find specific items. The site matches your keywords with listing properties, such as provider name, tags, and description, to return a set of relevant results. If the list is too long, you can narrow your results by refining your keywords. For example, instead of just entering map, you could specify field use imagery map.


To narrow your search and browse results, use one or more of the filters at the top of the results. You can filter by platform, free or paid, and language.


You can sort your results based on title, date, provider, and rating.

  • Title—Title of the listing.
  • Date—Date the listing was created.
  • Provider—The name of the provider offering the app or data service.
  • Rating—User rating of the listing, sorted by highest rating first. Ratings are based on a weighted average of five stars, with one star reflecting a poor item and five stars reflecting a great item. The rating value provides a weighted average that factors in the number of ratings an item has received as well as the average rating; therefore, an item with two ratings of four stars each has a higher rating than an item with one rating of four stars.

View results

Once you've browsed or searched for specific items, you see a set of results. Each result includes the listing title, provider name, rating, and a thumbnail image representing the listing. Click the listing to view details including how to access the item.

  • The site does a cumulative search on your keywords, browse options, and filters. To broaden your results, delete keywords or select All under browse headings and filters.
  • To change your view, click the Grid button grid view or List button list view next to the Sort By drop-down menu.
  • Hover over a listing to see a summary description of the app or data service.
  • Click the listing to view details.
  • Anybody can view listings. You must have the correct privileges or designation to get or try an item.