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Configure login settings

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Esri Maps for IBM Cognos requires an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription or an on-premises Portal for ArcGIS deployment. It is assumed that the authentication method used to access the platform has been properly configured by the ArcGIS administrator.


If your organization's Portal for ArcGIS is secured using PKI or IWA authentication and users within your organization use a non CORS-enabled browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer), you must configure your environment so that your Portal for ArcGIS and the web server component of your Business Intelligence system are served from the same origin; that is, they must be on the same host, domain, and port, and use the same protocol.

Before you begin, you'll need the following information:

  • The URL of your ArcGIS organization.


    Browse to <arcgisUrl>/sharing/?f=pjson in a browser; if the arcgisUrl is correct, the browser displays current version information. For example, see

  • The app ID generated when you registered your application. This is not required when connecting to a Portal for ArcGIS deployment that uses web server authentication or a Portal for ArcGIS deployment earlier than version 10.3.

Configuration file

The configuration file is on the EM4C Gateway in the following location: <em4c_location>\webcontent\esrimap\configuration\settings.js

  • If your Esri Maps for IBM Cognos implementation includes more than one gateway, the settings.js file must be updated on each gateway. The settings should be identical on all gateways.
  • If you make changes to settings.js and subsequently want to restore the default administrative and login settings for any reason, you can do so by deleting settings.js and renaming the default settings file (settings.js.default) to settings.js. The settings.js.default file is in the same location as settings.js on each gateway in your environment.

Specify login properties

In most cases, you'll configure only the following login properties:

  • arcgisUrlArcGIS Online organization or Portal for ArcGIS deployment.

    For ArcGIS Online, the default value is; to enter a different value, use the format http://[orgAccount], where [orgAccount] is the name of your organization's ArcGIS Online account. For Portal for ArcGIS, the format is http://[portalUrl]/[portalVirtualDirectory].

  • arcgisAuthType—Login method. Available values are user and app; the default value is user.

  • arcgisAppId—Specifies a unique application ID (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS 10.3 and later).

    For example (ArcGIS Online):

    arcgisUrl: "",
    arcgisAuthType: "user",
    arcgisAppId: "nvgHDDFXzMRWmKfY"

    For example (Portal for ArcGIS 10.3 and later, no web server authentication):

    arcgisUrl: "",
    arcgisAuthType: "user",
    arcgisAppId: "nvgHDDFXzMRWmKfY"

    For example (Portal for ArcGIS earlier than version 10.3, or using web server authentication):

    arcgisUrl: "http://myportal.mycompany/arcgis",
    arcgisAuthType: "user",
    arcgisAppId: ""


Do not include /home when specifying the arcgisUrl.

Other login settings

In specific cases, you can optionally provision a Named User account to act on behalf of Esri Maps for IBM Cognos by setting the arcgisAuthType to app and specifying a user name (arcgisAppUser) and password (arcgisAppPassword). Keep in mind that this product is provided as an entitlement of your ArcGIS Online plan subscription or Portal for ArcGIS Named User license, and all licensing requirements are in effect. All users are required to have a Named User license to access ArcGIS and interact with the map. Contact your local Esri representative for more information.

For example:

arcgisUrl: "",
arcgisAuthType: "app",
arcgisAppUser: "arcgis_user",
arcgisAppPassword: "arcgis_pwd"


When using the app arcgisAuthType, it is strongly recommended that you set the arcgisSharing property to false; see Configure administrative settings for details.