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Add to favorites

Key Requires an ArcGIS Online or Plus account.

You can create a list of favorite items you've added from ArcGIS Online. Once you've marked items as favorites, browse for those items in the Mapboards or Compilation window.

There are three ways to mark an item as a favorite:

  • Layers dialog box—Mark an item when you're browsing or adding layers using the layers dialog box.

    Favorites from a layer

    From the Mapboards window, click Add Layers and choose which layers you want to add to your map. In the layer thumbnail, click the Add to Favorites button.

  • Web maps dialog box—Mark an item when adding a web map.

    Favorites from a map

    When you choose from Webmap in the Mapboards window, you'll see the option to add a web map as your extent. Click the Add to Favorites button to add a web map to your favorites.

  • Compilation window—Mark an item when adding layers in the Compilation window.

    Favorites from the Compilation window

    Once you've added a layer in the Compilation window, you can also add the layer to your favorites list.

You must be signed in with ArcGIS Online or Plus to be able to save items as favorites.

To remove an item from your list, click Remove From Favorites next to the image of the item.