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What's new in Indoors

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

ArcGIS Indoors for iOS has the following enhancements:

New at 1.4


  • QR codes: You can now scan a QR code as an alternative to typing the URL when signing in.
  • Booking office hotels: You can now book a workspace for temporary use when visiting an office.


The need for configuring categories in the Categories table and including it in the mobile map package has been deprecated. You can now configure categories and category groups in the Categories view and the Explore view in ArcGIS Pro.

New in 1.3.1

  • Fix related to passing parameters when smart launching apps
  • Fix for displaying configured categories when exploring points of interest

New in 1.3

  • Language support: Indoors honors the language settings of the device if it is set to any of the languages supported by ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • People and Events feature classes from a feature layer: Data can be configured directly from a feature layer to instantly reflect changes in the map and app without the need to publish an update to the mobile map package.
  • Meeting room schedules: You can view schedules of meeting rooms in the map and schedule meetings by smart launching the calendar app with the selected location and current time.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

New in 1.2.2

  • Audible directions: Users can choose to let the app read directions aloud when in navigation mode.
  • Branding theme: Administrators can configure custom images and colors for the app when deploying through a mobile device management solution.

New in 1.2.1

  • Added support for automatic floor switching for buildings with basements (levels below the ground level)
  • Improved the time for initializing and determining indoor position

New in 1.2


  • Symbology definitions that use scale based class renderers are now supported. To simplify the map authoring experience for mobile, the DisplayScales and DisplayLODs tables have been removed from the Indoors database. Additionally, indoors data administrators are no longer required to assign a DISPLAY_SCALE_ID for events or points of interest as this attribute has been removed from the associated feature classes.
  • Configure categories specifically for work orders for a new unique experience to support staff in identifying, locating, and navigating between work orders. You can also integrate Indoor Viewer with your work order system using the configurable category URL parameter.
  • Configure Indoors to share your device location with friends and colleagues during specified date and time periods.
  • Indoors now supports configuration of an ArcGIS Enterprise portal URL using mobile device management (MDM) solutions.
  • Indoors has been enhanced to provide users of Indoors mobile with additional, configurable options for reporting and viewing information related to a map feature maintained in an independent system. Publishers can now configure unique actions which will be available to users through the selected item's info card and linked to the dependent system through a URL which can include additional parameters to drive search and automated form population capabilities within these apps.


The 311_URL and associated 311 button in the info card has been deprecated and has been replaced by the new launch actions. This feature will be removed from the app in the 1.4 release. Indoors databases with a configured 311_URL will need to transition to use the launch actions at that time.

New in 1.1

  • Share location of device with others—You can now search colleagues and find where they are at a given time if they are actively sharing their device location.
  • Configurable 311 URL parameters—In addition to ArcGIS Survey123, the 311 button can now be configured to open the native mobile apps or web-based forms of third-party work order management or incident reporting systems such as Cityworks or ServiceNow.
  • Improvements for indoor positioning system—A dead zone layer can be added to the mobile map package that helps avoid the drifting of the device location indicator (blue dot) on the indoor map to unwanted places such as the middle of an atrium or water pond within or outside buildings.
  • Disable snapping to pathways—The snapping behavior of the device location indicator (blue dot) on the indoor map can now be disabled from the app settings.