Introduction to Floor Plan Editor

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Spaces extension.

Indoor Floor Plan Editor is a browser-based app for ArcGIS Enterprise that allows you to modify floor plan data of indoor spaces to reflect real-world changes to your workplace.

You can import floor plan data to ArcGIS Pro and share a floor-aware web map for Floor Plan Editor. After sharing a floor-aware web map and creating the app, you can modify the floor plan data using editing tools and the object palette in the app, adding new objects such as doorways, walls, windows, and furniture. You can update existing units by editing walls, merging multiple units into one, or splitting one unit into multiple new units. You can also add new sites, facilities, levels, and units.

You can use the Floor Plan Editor app to do the following:

  • Edit existing floor plans.
  • Create floor plans from a map template without existing floor plan data.
  • Add new sites, facilities, and levels to a floor plan.
  • Draw new units manually by tracing over an image or specifying dimensions.
  • Draw new walls manually by tracing over an image or specifying dimensions.
  • Place new windows, entryways, floor transition points, and furniture using a custom object palette.
  • Split or merge existing units.
  • Copy and paste objects in the floor plan.
  • Merge changes between an open plan and the current plan.


The Floor Plan Editor app is available as of ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2.

Get started with Floor Plan Editor

Before creating the Floor Plan Editor app, you must prepare a map in ArcGIS Pro and share it to your Enterprise organization.

To prepare for creating and using a Floor Plan Editor app, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the system requirements.
  2. Configure your Enterprise portal.
  3. In ArcGIS Pro, create an Indoors workspace that conforms to the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model, and, optionally, import floor plan data into it.
  4. In ArcGIS Pro, prepare a map for Floor Plan Editor.

    You can use the IndoorsFloorPlanEditorMapTemplate map template included in the product data to prepare a map for Floor Plan Editor. Set the source of the map template layers to your Indoors workspace and share it as a floor-aware web map for use in Floor Plan Editor, with or without importing floor plan data to the Indoors workspace first.

  5. Share the map to your Enterprise portal.
  6. Create a Floor Plan Editor app.
  7. Create and edit floor plans.

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