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Imagery Workflows

The Standard Workflow discusses general methods for managing imagery effectively and provides an overview of the recommended image management workflow, which leverages mosaic datasets and image services to improve efficiency.

It can be difficult for organizations with large collections of imagery to manage and share those collections with either users within their organization or external users and organizations. The traditional method of distributing imagery was to share files physically, but this was inefficient and problematic, especially when working with large datasets.

The Standard Workflow outlines the general principles and best practices behind image management using ArcGIS. It is divided into four tabs covering the following:

  • An overview addressing general concepts
  • Preparing your data
  • Creating source and derived mosaic datasets
  • Publishing and maintaining image services

The topics in the Standard Workflow cover issues that are common to multiple workflows. The Standard Workflow provides support for the managing imagery workflows found on the Imagery Workflows website. These Imagery Workflows provide best practices and resources focused on specific image management tasks. Each Imagery Workflow offers downloadable resources, best practices, and guided exercises with sample data to ensure successful implementation of common imagery tasks in ArcGIS.

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