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Referenced mosaic datasets

Instead of using referenced mosaic datasets, most workflows will create a primary service that will include multiple embedded raster function templates.

However, referenced mosaic datasets, which create separate services from the same mosaic dataset, can be used for the following reasons:

  • To create additional mosaic datasets that are a subset of the derived mosaic dataset
  • When additional functions are required
  • To create a mosaic dataset that others can use without being able to alter the data that is contained

The primary use for referenced mosaic datasets is to enable a subset of a mosaic dataset to be published as an image service with its own security requirements. For example, a mosaic dataset may contain imagery covering the whole globe, but you need to serve an image service that only allows access to the United States. In this case, a referenced mosaic dataset would be created, the boundary of the mosaic would be set to the extent of the United States, and the Clip to Boundary parameter would be turned on. The use of the service would then be restricted from accessing any data outside the United States.

Another possible use is for services that require different default properties. For example, you may need to serve two web map services, one serving natural color and the other false color. This could be done by creating a single 4-band image service that defaults to natural color, with a separate reference mosaic dataset with the Extract Bands to False Color server function.