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Frequently asked questions

What is GeoPlanner for ArcGIS?

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS is an app for informed-, evidence-, and performance-based planning and design. It's a collaborative tool that you can use simultaneously with others on plans and designs, and share items including web maps, feature layers, and data exports.

Can I bring my own data into GeoPlanner?

Yes. To use your own data in GeoPlanner, upload it to your organization in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. Then share it with your project group, your organization, or the public so others can discover it.

I like the suitability modeler (web-based weighted overlay) functionality. Can I use my own data with it?

Yes. You can use your own data when using the suitability modeler functionality. Because weighted overlay services are based on raster layers, you will have to prepare your data first. See Use your data in weighted overlay for more information.

How do I use the scenarios and designs I created in GeoPlanner in other apps such as Esri Story Maps?

Exporting you data to a web map from GeoPlanner allows you to use your scenarios and designs in other apps. See the following tutorials for more information:

How do I create my own template?

You can create your own template using ArcGIS Desktop and your ArcGIS Online organization. See Create your own template for more information.

Can I change the symbology of a scenario layer?

Yes. You can modify the symbology for a scenario layer by clicking its settings button and selecting Design Types. You can modify the color, transparency, line width, pattern, and symbol (where applicable).

How do I import more data into a scenario?

The Import Scenario tool allows you to append data to your active scenario layers. For example, if you have an active scenario layer that has 500 features, you can use the Import Scenario tool to append more features into the active scenario layer. You can also use Map Viewer to create multiple filtered layers from a single feature layer that has large amounts of data. To do this, add your layer to Map Viewer as a feature layer and use the Copy and Filter functions available in the layer’s context menu.

How can I create Bookmarks in GeoPlanner?

To create a bookmark, click the Extent button on the map and select Add Bookmark in the properties window.