Manage experiences

When you create a web experience with Experience Builder, it creates a Web Experience item in your ArcGIS content. An experience is one of many types of apps you can create using the builders available with ArcGIS. An experience is a web app or web pages that you build using drag-and-drop functionality to position maps, images, menus, and other widgets and tools. You can customize the layout, design, and user flow to create dynamic apps for a unique web experience. For example, you can create a full-screen app with a title in a header, a survey, and a map; an app without a map that displays a company logo and widgets to query data in a list view; and an app with multiple pages and maps with a fixed menu that allows users to linearly scroll content.

You can generate a Web Experience Template to use as a starting point so you can create a set of apps with a consistent design. After generating a template, the builder refreshes and an icon and message appear next to the title to indicate that you're now configuring an experience template. To create a copy of an experience or template that you own (or if you're an organization administrator), click the More options button on the item card in the respective gallery and choose Duplicate. You can also save a copy or delete the experience from the builder by clicking the More options button on the builder toolbar and choosing Save as or Delete.

You can find and access your web experiences and templates in the Experience Builder galleries, or you can start in ArcGIS Online, where end users can also discover your published and shared apps and templates by searching ArcGIS content. You can view and edit complete item details for your experience, such as using the rich text editor to provide a detailed description and categorizing it to help others find it. The item page is also where you share the experience with groups, members of your organization, or the public. To open the item page from the builder, click the More options button on the builder toolbar and choose Change share settings. Click Share to adjust the sharing level. If the experience contains any items that you have permission to update, you are prompted to also adjust their sharing levels.


You can collaborate with other members of your organization when creating and publishing experiences and templates. The following ArcGIS organization roles and privileges apply:

  • Administrators can edit, duplicate, publish, update sharing, and delete your experiences and templates.
  • Members of shared update groups to which the item is shared can edit the item details, modify the configuration, and publish your experiences and templates.