What is Esri Demographics data

Esri Demographics is a global collection of authoritative demographic data for over 170 countries and regions, supplying context and adding insight to the maps and location-based analyses of organizations worldwide.

  • Esri Standard Demographics provide a consistent data source and methodology across 170+ countries or regions. Many data variables are homogenous across these regions, allowing users to easily compare global markets and communities.
  • Esri Advanced Demographics provide a detailed set of data within a country or region and include more data variables or finer levels of geography than those available through Standard Demographics. Users can perform more detailed analyses of an area of interest within a country or region. Advanced Demographics are available for a limited set of countries or regions.

To see Standard Demographics and Advanced Demographics available for each country or region, visit the regional data tables for Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

Esri Demographics include the following:

  • Thousands of attributes on population, income, housing, consumer behavior, and more, describing geographic areas across the world at multiple levels of geography.
  • Regularly updated with the latest available data.
  • Ready-to-use infographics and reports for presenting information.
  • A consistent library of data available across products.

Esri Demographics is available in several ways:

  • As data files—Work with data where you want.
  • Esri Reports—Buy demographic reports.
  • ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Service—Enhance apps and workflows with query and display of demographic data.
  • As ready-to-use demographic maps in ArcGIS Online—Access on-demand maps and layers in the Demographics and Lifestyle group.
  • Using the Enrich Layer function in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro—Append demographic data to your own location-based data.
  • ArcGIS Business Analyst—Make smarter business decisions with map-based analytics and demographic data.
  • See more options for accessing Esri Demographics.