Edit feature attributes

The Attributes pane Attributes contains tools for interactively selecting features and editing attribute values by clicking the features in the selection tree view. Additional commands are available when you right-click a feature, layer, or field.

The tabs appearing in the pane are described in the following table:



Edits feature attributes and related records


Steps through feature selections in a layer

Edit attributes

Select the features in the map and click the feature item in the selection tree view to edit its attributes.


If an active editing tool is filtering the current selection, a notification appears in the pane. To reset the selection, press Esc to disable the active tool or click the Select tool Select By Rectangle and make a new selection.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab.
  2. In the Selection group, click the Attributes button Attributes.
  3. In the Attributes pane, click the Selection tab.

    Selection tab

  4. Click the Select tool Select and select the features containing the attribute values you want to edit.

    You can select one or more features.

  5. To refine the selection, right-click a feature in the tree view, and click Unselect Clear or Only Select This Select.

    Context menu

  6. Click the Attributes tab to view and edit the attribute field values for the selected features.
  7. Note:
    Only the editable layers appear in the Create Features pane; not all fields are editable.
  8. Check or uncheck Auto Apply.


    Press Enter or click another field to apply changes to a field value.


    Click Apply to apply changes to a field value. Click Cancel to restore to the previous value.

  9. In the selection tree view, click the features containing the attribute values you are editing.

    To apply the same attribute value to multiple features, use one of the following methods to select the features in the tree view:

    • Click the layer name to edit attributes for all selected features in a layer.
    • Press Ctrl while clicking the features to edit attributes for multiple selected features.
    • Press Shift while clicking the first and last feature to edit attributes for a range of selected features.
  10. Click the field and change the value.
    • To set a field to Null that accepts null values, right-click and click Set To '<Null>'.

      Set To '<Null>'

  11. If Auto Apply is checked, click Apply.

    If you do not apply or cancel your edits before switching to another map or scene, you are prompted to apply or cancel any uncommitted attribute edits. You can check the box to hide the warning.

    Uncommitted attribute edits

Copy and paste attributes using the clipboard

Right-click a feature in the selection tree view to copy and paste attributes between features. By default, values are pasted to matching field names with matching data types or to fields defined by the current field mapping settings.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab. In the Selection group, click the Attributes button Attributes.
  2. In the Attributes pane, click Select Select, select the features, and expand the selection in the pane.
  3. Right-click the feature containing the attributes you want to copy, and click Copy Attributes Copy.

    Copy and paste options

  4. Right-click the destination feature or layer, and click Paste Attributes Paste.
  5. If Auto Apply is turned off, click Apply.