Install and authorize named user licenses

To use Drone2Map with a named user license, you need an ArcGIS Online subscription or Portal for ArcGIS account with a Drone2Map license provisioned. Follow the instructions below to access, download, install, and authorize Drone2Map based on your configuration.

Free trial with ArcGIS Online

To request a Drone2Map evaluation, please contact your account representative.


If you have an ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS account, you can download Drone2Map from My Esri.

  1. Review the Drone2Map system requirements to verify operating system and hardware prerequisites and confirm your system meets the requirements before installing ArcGIS Drone2Map.
  2. Download Drone2Map from My Esri. To download, your Esri account must be connected to your organization with the appropriate permissions.

Install Drone2Map

  1. Start the Drone2Map installation program and click Next when you're ready to proceed.
  2. Review the license agreement and accept it if you agree. Click Next to continue with the installation. You must exit if you do not agree with the terms of the license agreement.
  3. Click Change to specify the installation folder or Next to accept the default location.
  4. Click Install to start the installation.
  5. Click Finish to close the wizard when the installation completes.

Start Drone2Map with a Named User license

You must have an ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS account that is assigned a Creator or GIS Professional user type with a Publisher role before using Drone2Map. The process for starting Drone2Map with a Named User license with ArcGIS Online is different than that of a Named User license with Portal for ArcGIS. With a Named User license, you can log in to any machine with Drone2Map installed. Contact your license administrator if you do not have an account or if your account is not authorized. For more information, see Manage Drone2Map licenses.

Named User account with ArcGIS Online

  1. Start Drone2Map.
  2. In the Sign In window, provide your account credentials.
  3. Optionally check the Sign me in automatically check box if you want to sign in with your credentials automatically when you start Drone2Map.
  4. This option is enabled by default. Click to uncheck the Sign me in automatically check box if you prefer to provide your credentials each time you start Drone2Map.
  5. Click Sign in.

Named User account with Portal for ArcGIS

  1. Start Drone2Map.
  2. In the Sign In window, click Configure your licensing options.
  3. Note:
    If you are already signed in to a portal, you can access the Configure your licensing options tool from an open Drone2Map project or from the start page. From the start page, click About Drone2Map, or, from an open project, on the ribbon, click the Project tab. Click the Licensing tab, and then click Configure your licensing options.
    The Licensing dialog box appears.
  4. On the Licensing dialog box, select Authorize Drone2Map using your ArcGIS Enterprise portal and type the portal URL.
  5. Click OK.
  6. You must restart Drone2Map for your changes to take effect. When you start a new session, sign in to the portal you specified in the previous step.

Your authorizing portal may be configured to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-compliant provider. See Integrated Windows Authentication or Configure a SAML-compliant identity provider with your portal for information on configuring your portal. To sign in to Drone2Map using these configurations, follow the same steps as above to configure your licensing options. If you're using IWA, enter your Microsoft Windows user name and password when prompted. If using a SAML-compliant identity provider, click to log in with your SAML-compliant provider account.

Get Drone2Map software updates


An ArcGIS Online account is required to download Drone2Map software updates. Users that authenticate Drone2Map through a Portal for ArcGIS account and try to upgrade will get an error. To upgrade Drone2Map, download the software from My Esri.

When Esri releases an update to Drone2Map, a notification appears when you start the application. Click the notification message to learn more about the update, and start the update process. To check for updates in the middle of a session, click the Project tab, click About, and click Check for Update. If updates are available, run the update process.