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World Transportation

World Transportation map

Map Service Name: World_Transportation

Description: This map presents transportation data, including highways, roads, railroads, and airports for the world.

The map was developed by Esri using Esri highway data; Garmin basemap layers; HERE street data for North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Central America, select countries in Africa, India, and most of the Middle East; and OpenStreetMap contributors in select countries in Africa and the Pacific Islands. Specific country list and documentation of Esri's process for including OSM data is in OSM Data Usage in Esri's ArcGIS Online Basemaps (PDF).

The map includes similar coverage to World Boundaries and Places.

Attribution: Sources: Esri, HERE, Garmin, © OpenStreetMap contributors

Coordinate System: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID 102100)

Tiling Scheme: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere

Map Service Data Format: Map server cache in PNG32 format