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Terrain 3D

Terrain 3D map

Service Name: Terrain3D

Description: The Terrain 3D layer provides global elevation for your work in 3D.

Terrain 3D is a cached tiled elevation image service layer where the cache is compressed using Limited Error Raster Compression (LERC). This elevation surface is suitable to use in 3D clients such as ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer and ArcGIS Pro scenes for oblique viewing.

Terrain 3D layer

The following coverage map illustrates the coverage:

World Elevation coverage (Terrain and Terrain 3D) 6.4

For more information, see Use World Elevation services in ArcGIS.

Attribution: Sources: USGS, NGA, NASA, CGIAR, N Robinson, NCEAS, NLS, OS, NMA, Geodatastyrelsen, Rijkswaterstaat, GSA, Geoland, FEMA, and the GIS user community