What's new

The June 2021 update of ArcGIS Dashboards includes new features, enhancements, and improved performance. Highlights of the release are listed below.

  • Selectors have been redesigned and include new configuration options. The following are enhancements made to selectors:
    • Choose a presentation mode for your selectors to better display them on your dashboard. Choose from Inline, Accordion, or Dropdown presentation to efficiently display your selectors.
    • Add icons to your selectors to make them more distinguishable.
    • Use the Show reset option to allow users to clear their selector inputs at run time.
    • For category selectors that allow multiple selections, users can now click Show selected to narrow the list to only display selected categories at run time.
    • For the number selector and date selector, choose to allow both input options for users to input values.
    • For the date selectors that use the date picker, you can now choose to make including time optional.
  • The option to choose a size for your header has been removed. There are still two distinct sizes; however, the size of the header is automatically determined by its contents.

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