Installing CityEngine

The steps below will guide you through the CityEngine 2022.0 installation process.

Before installing CityEngine 2022.0

Before installing CityEngine 2022.0, it is recommended that you go through the list provided below.

  1. Verify that your system meets all system requirements.
  2. This product requires authorization before use. To obtain your authorization numbers, see Authorizing your software.
  3. If you intend to use a concurrent-use license for this product, you need to install ArcGIS License Manager with version 2020.0 or newer (if it doesn't already exists for your use). For more information, see ArcGIS License Manager for CityEngine quick start guide.
  4. Make sure the user has administrator privileges.

You are now ready to proceed with the CityEngine installation.

How to install CityEngine 2022.0

CityEngine 2022.0 is provided as a setup program and is executed through a utility named Setup.exe. You can install CityEngine 2022.0 using the steps below, or you can install silently using Windows Installer command-line parameters.


The CityEngine install display activity will begin within a few minutes of starting the Setup. The setup process installs all the necessary prerequisites before CityEngine begins the install. During this time, you won't see any visible installation activity on-screen. This wait time is normal behavior and depends on the number of prerequisites needed to be installed.

Follow these steps to install CityEngine 2022.0.

  1. Start the CityEngine 2022.0 installation program Setup.exe.
  2. Read the welcome screen and terms of use. Click Next when you are ready to proceed.
  3. Review the license agreement and accept if you agree. Click Next to continue with the installation.
  4. Click Change to specify the installation folder or Next to accept the default location.
  5. Click Install to begin the installation.
  6. Click Finish to close the wizard.