Export MSPK (Esri Mobile Scene Package)

Esri Mobile Scene Packages are custom, web-optimized files that can be shared across the ArcGIS Platform. They can be uploaded on ArcGIS Online and viewed with ArcGIS Pro as well as ArcGIS Earth.

If you want to export only parts of the scene, select them in the 3D Viewport or the Scene Editor. If you want to export the whole scene you don’t have to select anything. Then start the export by clicking File > Export... > CityEngine > Export Mobile Scene Package from the main menu.

Export options for MSPK

The MSPK exporter has the following options:

Output File

The file to export the mobile scene package to.

Export Content

  • Complete Scene exports all exportable parts of the scene.
  • Selection only exports the elements selected in the Viewport or Scene Editor.

Scene Environment

Choose between local and global scene export. Local scenes are kept in the coordinate system of the scene while global scenes are converted to be viewable on the whole globe.

Upload MSPK to ArcGIS Online

  1. Locate the exported MSPK file in the Navigator.

    By default the MSPK file is located in the data folder of your project.

  2. Right-click the MSPK file and choose Share As...

    The CityEngine Mobile Scene Package dialog box appears.

  3. Click Upload package to my ArcGIS Online account.
  4. Name your new MSPK file.
  5. Fill in the required fields in the Item Description tab.
  6. Click Analyze to validate your MSPK file for any errors or issues.

    Fix the errors before continuing.

  7. Click Share to upload your MSPK file to ArcGIS Online.

MSPK files can be uploaded to other ArcGIS platform portals as well. See Sharing data on a different portal.