Configure Know Your Zone

In this topic you will learn how to configure the solution to meet specific needs in your organization and load your data if needed.

Load evacuation zones

You may have evacuation zones that you would like to use in the Know Your Zone solution. To accomplish this objective, you will need to load your data into the evacuation layer schema provided with the app.


To append your data, it must be in either a file geodatabase or shapefile format.

To load your facilities information from another data source, complete the steps below:

  1. If necessary, sign into your ArcGIS Organization.
  2. At the top of the site, click Content.
  3. On the My Content tab, type Know Your Zone in the search box.
  4. Under the Item Type, click Layers - Feature Layers.

    Some of the feature layers have a suffix added such as public. These are layer views of the of the original source feature layer. These layer views are used to share information with public without showing all the details or allowing the public to edit the layers. The original source layers do not have a suffix.

  5. Click on the title of the original source layer that you want to load data into to view the item details.
  6. Click Update Data - Append Data to Layer.
  7. Under Filename choose your geodatabase or shapefile.
  8. Click Uploadand Continue.
  9. Click Show field matching to match the fields from the spreadsheet to the fields in the selected feature layer.
  10. After you have matched the fields, click Apply Updates.
  11. Click on the Data tab in the banner of the item page to confirm your data has loaded successfully.

If you plan on using the Know Your Zone app to communicate active evacuation notices, you will need to set the Active Incident field to Yes to ensure is it visible in the map.


When you deploy the Emergency Management Operations solution and the Know Your Zone solution and both solutions are owned by the same user, the Evacuations layer is shared between both solutions. This allows the emergency evacuation status to be updated using the Operations Response app. The updates are visible in Know Your Zone and other apps that are part of the Emergency Operations solution.

Enable evacuation status

When a storm is approaching, emergency managers can configure Know Your Zone to identify zones that are most at risk. Evacuation status can be enabled on each high-risk zone. This information can be shared with the media and residents so they will know what zone they are in and when to evacuate.

To enable evacuation status, complete the steps below:

  1. If necessary, sign into your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. At the top of the site, click Content.
  3. On the My Content tab, type Know Your Zone in the search box
  4. Open the Know Your Zone web map.
  5. Turn on the Active Evacuation Notices layer.
  6. Turn off the Your Evacuation Notices layer.
  7. Save the map.
  8. Open the Know You Zone web application item page and click Edit Application.
  9. On the banner at the top of the left panel click the Widget icon.
  10. Click Set the widgets in this controller.
  11. Click the pencil icon to edit the Find Your Zone widget.
  12. On Search Settings tab, click Set and then check the box to add the Active Evacuations Notices layer to the search layers and uncheck the box to remove the Your Evacuation Zones.
  13. Click OK to the save the Select search layers changes.
  14. Click OK to save the changed to the Configure Find Your Zone window.
  15. Save the changes to the Know Your Zone web app.

    To test your changes, you will need to load some evacuation zones into both the multi-tiered evacuation zones and evacuations layers. You will need to populate the Evacuation Zone, Evacuations Type and Starts fields to see the results.

  16. After you load data into the evacuations layer, open the web app to test the configuration changes.
  17. Enter an address or click on a location within the orange evacuation areas.

    The result of the search will indicate the evacuation zone and status of the specified address. In this case the address is in Evacuation Zone B and the status is Voluntary Evacuation Notice.

  18. Click on one of the red evacuation areas (Evacuation Zone A).
  19. Addresses located in red zones are in Evacuation Zone A and the status is Mandatory Evacuation Order.