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Known issues

Features of survey creation that don't behave as expected or intended are described below, as well as any potential solutions or workarounds.

For a list of known error messages that you may receive when saving or publishing a survey, see Troubleshoot.

To report or learn more about bugs in Survey123, visit Support.

Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS fails to start, and an error message appears stating that the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file is missing.

This message indicates that the Universal C Runtime in Windows components, which are required for running Survey123 Connect, are missing. These components were distributed in a Windows update that can be downloaded from Windows support.

Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS fails to start on Windows 8.1, with an error message stating that this Windows version does not support the required Bluetooth API.

This is an error with the underlying Qt Bluetooth plug-in implemented in Survey123 Connect not recognizing support for Windows 8.1. This can be solved by renaming certain files used by the app.

  1. Browse to the Survey123 Connect installation location. By default, it will be installed to C:\Users\CurrentUser\Applications\ArcGIS\Survey123ConnectforArcGIS\.
  2. Open qml\ArcGIS\AppFramework\Devices.
  3. Rename AppFrameworkDevicesPlugin.dll to AppFrameworkDevicesPluginWindows10.dll, and AppFrameworkDevicesPluginWin7.dll to AppFrameworkDevicesPlugin.dll.

The app will now start successfully.

The Other and Select other labels for select_one and select_multiple questions do not appear in languages other than English.

These labels are generated dynamically when a select_one or select_multiple question includes the XLSForm option of or_other and cannot be translated.

I can't save changes to the .xlsx form when creating a new survey on a machine using OpenOffice.

This is because OpenOffice cannot save documents as the .xlsx file type.

Survey123 Connect hangs indefinitely when I try to publish a survey with non-ASCII characters in its name.

This is a long-standing issue for Windows machines that prevents you from publishing surveys using alphabets that don't use ASCII characters. This will persist even if you change the survey's name in Survey123 Connect.

I can't make schema updates in Survey123 Connect to my survey initially created in the Survey123 website.

This is a bug that was introduced in Survey123 2.5, stemming from Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 website creating surveys in different ways. This is planned to be fixed in a future release.

The text in the label or hint of my question is cut off after using a less than (<) symbol.

Prior to Survey123 2.6, using a less than symbol would cause issues with labels and hints because the app attempted to read the text after it as an HTML tag. Most of these cases were fixed in version 2.6; however, this issue still persists if you enter text after the less than symbol without separating them with a space. The coded value (&lt;) can be used to display a less than symbol in labels and hints and when there is no space between the symbol and text.

My keyboard doesn't display correctly for text questions when using a character-based language on Android.

Predictive text is disabled by default on Android, which causes issues with character-based keyboards that use predictive text to operate. Apply the predictivetext appearance type to text questions to enable the predictive text keyboard for that question.

I'm seeing exposed unicode in my survey with multiple language support.

This is caused when a survey has both a default language and text contents in columns without a language identifier. If a survey with multiple languages has a default language provided, all text columns in the survey, including hints, messages, and choice list labels, must have a valid language identifier with language name and locale code.

My link to open Navigator for ArcGIS to a specific location isn't working.

Currently, links to open Navigator to a location defined by a question in Survey123 are not functional, because the way a geopoint is formatted by Survey123 doesn't match the Navigator URL scheme. This is planned to be addressed in a future release.

The Survey123 XLSForm template refuses all name values when using OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

This is an issue with the XLSForm template when using OpenOffice or LibreOffice, where all attempts to enter something into the name column return an error message indicating that the value must be less than 32 characters with no spaces or ASCII characters (even if the value already follows these requirements). This is because OpenOffice and LibreOffice use semicolons to separate arguments in formulas, while Excel uses commas. Because the template is designed with Excel in mind, these other applications can't properly read the formula used to restrict invalid characters. This can be solved by replacing the commas with semicolons. In both applications, this is done by opening the Data menu and selecting Validation.

Calculations in integer questions that result in a decimal value will display the decimal value in red.

The result of a calculation is always returned in the answer of a question, in full. If the answer contains decimal values, these will be returned. If the question is of type integer, the decimal values will be displayed, but the answer will be recognized as being invalid and therefore appear in red. To ensure the answer is returned as a valid integer, use the int() function in your calculation.

I can't apply a cascading select to a select_multiple question.

Cascading selects can only be used with select_one questions; Survey123 does not currently support cascading selects for select_multiple questions. This is planned to be supported in the future.

My hidden and calculate questions are submitting data when not relevant.

Relevant statements are not honored by hidden or calculate questions, and will always submit their values. This is a known bug that is intended to be fixed in the future.

My repeat with metadata questions is submitting information, even if the repeat is not relevant.

When present in a repeat, metadata question types (username, email, start, and end) will cause a record in the repeat to be created, even when the repeat is hidden through a relevant expression. This can be avoided by using the minimal appearance type for the repeat, which will only create a record when the add button is selected after the repeat becomes relevant.

Questions that reference external files do not work on iOS but do on all other platforms.

iOS has stricter case sensitivity than other platforms. If you refer to external files in your XLSForm, be sure to use the correct capitalization for the file name and contents within the file.

External files to consider include CSV files used with the pulldata() function, images or audio that are shown on your form, or tile packages that are used in geopoint questions to display an offline basemap.

I can't sign in to Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS on a Linux machine.

The OpenSSL 1.0.2 libraries used by Survey123 Connect aren't provided with some Linux distributions, causing errors when making HTTPS requests, which are needed for OAuth login. This can be solved by installing the correct version of SSL, using the command sudo apt-get install openssl1.0-dev. Survey123 Connect 3.1 and later also include OpenSSL 1.0.2 libraries in the Linux installer, meaning that this workaround is not required.

My survey doesn't validate when being created from a feature service with a related table.

If the feature service you're creating your survey from has a related table, and this table has field names with the same names as the feature layer, the XLSForm will not validate. This needs to be changed in the feature service, as XLSForms do not support two questions with the same name.

I cannot generate a survey from a layer that is not the first layer in my feature service.

In Survey123 Connect, you can choose to create a new survey from an existing feature service. A new XLSForm will be generated containing questions for each of the fields in the first feature layer of the service and any tables that are related to that first layer. If you need to create a survey from a feature layer that is not the first layer in the service, you must author a new form and specify which layer in the feature service it should connect to using the form ID and submission URL.

Browser-based sign in doesn't automatically navigate back to the app on Windows and Linux.

This is a known limitation of browser-based sign in with Windows and Linux operating systems. These platforms instead provide a string of text to paste into the app that will complete the sign in process. This workaround is intended to be replaced by the functionality seen in other platforms in the future.