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Frequently asked questions

The following are some frequently asked questions ArcGIS Marketplace consumers often have.


Trying and buying items

Using items

What is ArcGIS Marketplace and what does it mean to me?

The ArcGIS Marketplace is a destination that allows users to search, discover, and acquire apps, content, solutions, and professional services from Esri’s ecosystem of providers for use within their organization.

Products listed in the ArcGIS Marketplace are built to leverage and enhance your organization’s use of ArcGIS Online and the ArcGIS platform and can be made available to any named users within your ArcGIS Online organization.

What kinds of products can I get from ArcGIS Marketplace?

Apps, data, ArcGIS Pro Add-ins, AppBuilder Widgets, and App or Data Bundles

  • Apps include web apps and native apps (iOS, Android, Java, .NET, and so on), and require an ArcGIS Online subscription login. For a complete listing of supported APIs and Runtime SDKs, see the documentation section of ArcGIS for Developers.
  • Data needs to be in a supported ArcGIS Online format.
  • An ArcGIS Pro Add-in is an archive file containing an add-in assembly that references the Pro API. The assembly, along with a companion Config.daml file, can customize the Pro UI as well as add custom functionality to Pro (to automate a repetitive workflow or procedure, to add a custom tool or function, etc.).
  • A custom widget is a component that enables users to perform a function or access a service.
  • App or Data Bundles – Web apps with data services bundled together.

What kind of data can I get from ArcGIS Marketplace?

The content is provided in a supported ArcGIS Online format. The Content Provider Program will enable providers to apply to list, deliver, and sell content services through the marketplace for users to leverage in ArcGIS Online and the ArcGIS platform. Once approved, providers can list one or more content services including both paid and free options for users.

You can purchase listings that are bundled with data services. Allowing you to purchase a group of ArcGIS hosted data services (feature, tile, scene) as a single listing.

Who are ArcGIS Marketplace providers?

Providers are Esri Partners, Esri Distributors, Esri Emerging Business Partners (Startups), and Esri, as well as some select Esri customers.

Does Esri review all the items listed in the marketplace?

Yes, Esri and the appropriate Esri distributor staff review and approve items contributed by authorized providers. Marketplace providers are approved to offer items in ArcGIS Marketplace that help users solve real-world challenges and expand the use of the ArcGIS platform.

Additionally, Esri business partners have to meet further qualifications to become providers in ArcGIS Marketplace. Providers are also reviewed annually based on criteria outlined in the ArcGIS Marketplace provider policies.


Esri and Esri distributors do not certify apps or data listed in the marketplace for marketplace providers.

Can I buy widgets from the marketplace?

Yes. The marketplace supports AppBuilder widgets. Widgets can be purchased for license by organization with multiple licenses per purchase.

When do I get email notifications related to ArcGIS Marketplace?

You receive email notifications when you request access to an item, you are granted access to an item, your renewal date is changed, when a subscription is about to expire, and when someone replies to your review.

  • Trial request—Immediately after you request to start a trial, with information on the ArcGIS app, including information on allowing members of your organization to try the app.
  • Confirmation—Once you request a trial, you will receive an automated email to confirm the request, with steps on how to view the status of your app and the provider’s contact information.
  • Purchase an app—Immediately after you purchase an app, with steps on how to share access to the app with your organization or assign a license to members.
  • Start using purchase—After provider has confirmed the sale, including how to start enjoying your new purchase.
  • Subscription change—Immediately after the renewal date is changed.
  • Trial or subscription termination—Immediately after the provider terminates the subscription, with information on how to contact the provider.
  • Trial or subscription is about to expire—Your subscription is close to the expiration date, with instructions on how to renew the subscription.
  • Listing reviews—When the provider or another consumer replies to a review you wrote.
  • Custom requests—After you request a customized listing from a provider, you'll receive an email confirming this request.

How do trials work for Esri premium apps?

Esri premium apps are 21 day trials. When you sign up for a trial with ArcGIS Online, your organization is automatically provisioned with 21 days of premium apps. If you purchased an ArcGIS Onlinesubscription without a trial, you can access the trial through ArcGIS Marketplace. The trial duration will still be 21 days.

How do I pay for an item?

It depends. Some items can be purchased online through the Esri shopping cart. Other items are purchased from the provider directly outside the shopping cart.

Who can buy items from Esri shopping cart?

Only members of an organization who have been designated as purchasers by the administrator can buy items from the Esri shopping cart. Members with privileges to request purchase information cannot buy items from the Esri shopping cart unless they are also designated purchasers.

Once I have paid for a subscription, how can I get access to the item?

You can access the item in the Apps and Data section of the Console page or by clicking the Apps button Apps in the header of the site and choose the app you want to open.

If I am not designated as a purchaser or I don't have privileges to request purchases or get trials, how can I get items for my organization?

If you don't have privileges to get items, you see a Request Purchase and Request Trial (if available) buttons on the listing page. Use these buttons to create and send an email to the administrator of your organization requesting that they get the item.


If you have administrative privileges you can designate yourself as a purchaser in the marketplace. Once you click the Buy button, you'll receive a notification indicating that you do not have privileges. In this window, accept the terms and conditions and click YES to give yourself privileges.

Do all items in the marketplace cost money?

No. Many items are available for free or for a free trial. The listing page shows the options.

Can I get free trials?

It's up to the provider to offer a free trial. If the item is available for trial, your organization is granted access for the time specified by the publisher. At the end of the trial, you will no longer have access to the item, but can choose to purchase. The listing page will show if the trial is available.

I see that there are items in the marketplace that are already part of my subscription. Do I now have to get them from the marketplace?

No. Items that are already part of your subscription are offered on the marketplace as an alternative method of access. If you have already downloaded the item, you are not required to purchase or request access again.

I've purchased an item. How do I know which type of license it has?

Once you've purchased an item, it appears in the Apps and Data section of the Console page.

  • License by organization has a link to Manage Sharing. The link opens to a pop-up with a list of organization groups you can share the item to.
  • License by members has a link to Manage Licenses. The link takes you to ArcGIS Online, where the administrator assigns licenses to individual members.

Why don't I see any purchasing options on a listing?

If you see View Item on the listing instead of options to buy or get it now, your organization already has access to the item. Click View Item to go to the item page and see details and other information about the item.

Can I send a custom request for a listing?

Yes. Certain listings have the option to send customized requests to providers. These listings allow you to send requirements about a listing, such as area of interest. You can tell if a listing has this option because after you click BUY, the listing will display a set of questionnaires that the provider has set.


This option is not available for trials.