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Set up purchasers

ArcGIS Marketplace items can be purchased two ways: directly from the provider through a request form or online through the Esri shopping cart. If offered, you can also get free trials. Requesting purchase information or a free trial sends a notification to the provider that you are interested in buying or trying the item. For fee-based items, the provider will make arrangements for getting payment. Sending these requests requires the administrator role or a custom role with privileges to request purchase information or start trials in ArcGIS Marketplace. The Esri shopping cart allows you to use e-commerce to buy online. At this time, only select apps can be purchased online. To take advantage of this option, administrators need to choose members to be the designated purchasers. Administrators are not designated purchasers by default; they need to be explicitly chosen. Only these members can use the shopping cart. This designation is different from the privilege to request purchase information.

Configure custom roles to request purchases or start trials

Administrators can send providers purchase requests and start free trials. In addition, administrators can configure custom roles that allow other members to request purchases or start trials.

Follow the steps below to configure custom roles for purchasing and trying ArcGIS Marketplace items.

  1. Verify that you are signed in to your ArcGIS Online organization site as an administrator.
  2. Click Organization at the top of the site and click Edit Settings.
  3. Click Roles on the left side of the page.
  4. Click Create Role and enter a name and description for the role.

    The name must be unique within your organization and can contain up to 128 characters. They are case insensitive. Administrator, publisher, and user cannot be used as names for custom roles. The description can have up to 250 characters

  5. Under the Administrative Privileges section, click ArcGIS Marketplace Subscriptions, or to select just one of the privileges, select Request purchase information or Start trials.

    The following additional privileges are required and are checked on by default when you check the marketplace privileges: Create, update, and delete groups, Join organizational groups, and Share with groups.

  6. To assign the role to existing members, click Assign roles. Click the name or names from the member list or click Add All to add all members in the organization. You can also search for specific members by name, group, or role. Click Next, select the new role to assign the members, and click Assign.

    You can also choose the role from the members table on the Organization page.

Designate e-commerce purchasers

To designate purchasers who can buy apps online using the Esri shopping cart, follow the steps below.

  1. Verify that you are signed in as an administrator of your organization.
  2. Click Organization at the top of the site and click Edit Settings.
  3. Click Marketplace on the left side of the page.
  4. In the Marketplace Purchasers section, click Manage Purchasers to designate members who can purchase apps from ArcGIS Marketplace.
  5. Select the member or members from the list that appears or click Add All to select all members in the organization. You can also search for specific members by name, group, or role.
  6. Click a name to remove a member from the Purchasers list or click Clear to remove all the members from the list.
  7. Click Designate to finish.

If you have administrative privileges you can designate yourself as a purchaser in the marketplace. Once you click the Buy button, you'll receive a notification indicating that you do not have privileges. In this window, accept the terms and conditions and click YES to give yourself privileges.


Esri Access is required and will be automatically enabled for members designated as purchasers. In addition to allowing online purchases through ArcGIS Marketplace, Esri Access also allows the member to use My Esri, participate in the GeoNet Community and Forums, and manage email communication from Esri. The member's first and last name, user name, and email will be made available to Esri and other ArcGIS Marketplace e-commerce providers who can contact and send purchasers promotional emails.