Map with URL parameters

A map authored in Esri Maps for Salesforce contains a basemap, data layers, extent, a legend, navigation tools, and an analysis tool. These maps can be saved and accessed from the Map Gallery or a dashboard. As an alternative, you can open the map directly with URL parameters.

The URL begins with<#><#>.override=1

The na and the id values will be unique to your organization. You can use this URL and append the center (center=x, y) and level (level=z) to open an existing map centered at a specific location and zoom level.


Center map parameter: center=x,y

Zoom parameter: level=<value>

Example 1 with xy values,34.10&level=16

Example 2 using variables for xy values{!Account.BillingLongitude},{!Account.BillingLatitude}&level=16

The URL can be associated with any button and added to any page layout. By using variables for the xy values (example 2), you can open the map and center on the location of any record (e.g. Account record).