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Create a PowerPoint map slide from Excel

After you create a map in Microsoft Excel, you can easily create a PowerPoint slide containing a static image of the map to enhance your presentations.

To create a PowerPoint map slide from Excel, do the following:

  1. In Excel, resize the map window and position the map the way you want it to appear on the slide. Adjust the zoom level, choose the basemap, and turn on the layers that you want to include in the image.
  2. On the ArcGIS Maps ribbon, click Create Slide.

    Create Slide button

ArcGIS Maps for Office opens Microsoft PowerPoint and creates a new slide containing the map image. You can resize and position the map image as you would any other image on a slide.


The map contained in the slide is a static image and is no longer interactive as it was in Excel; that is, you can no longer pan or zoom. To create a dynamic map slide—a map that you can interact with during a PowerPoint presentation—see Add a dynamic map to a PowerPoint slide.