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Copy a map image

There are several ways to share maps and layers: you can create a copy of the map image and save it to the clipboard, you can create a PowerPoint slide, or you can share the layer or map on ArcGIS Online. Creating a copy of the map image allows you to paste the image into any program that supports paste functionality, such as word processing software and email clients.


This procedure creates a static image of the map as it appears in the map viewer. You cannot interact with the map when it's pasted into another program.

To create a copy of the map image and save it to the clipboard, do the following:

  1. Click the map you want to copy. Style the map features as desired, and set the map extents and zoom level so that the map conveys the appropriate information.

    The Contents pane does not appear in the copy of the map image.

  2. Click the Copy Map button in the Share section of the ArcGIS Maps ribbon.

    The map image is automatically saved to the clipboard. The map image copied to the clipboard contains only the image of the map as it appears in ArcGIS Maps for Office. It does not include the map title, border, Contents pane, or navigation controls.

    Example of copied map image


    If you copy a map with time animation enabled, the Time Slider appears in the copied image, providing context about the map configuration

  3. Open the program in which you want to place the map image.
  4. Paste the image into the program. Use the Paste command from the application's menu or use the shortcut key, Ctrl+V. Use the application's features to style and position the map image, as you would with any other image file.

    Example of map image pasted into a report and an email message