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Find nearby

Find Nearby allows you to perform a spatial search around a location (or locations) on your map. Find Nearby can be accessed through the Find Nearby button on the map ribbon or from the Find Nearby icon in popups. You can search for locations within a ring or drive time around your selected location(s).

  1. Click the Find Nearby button in the map ribbon or popup. The button in the map ribbon will allow you to select multiple input locations. The icon in the popup will perform a search around that single location.
  2. Select the location(s) that will searched around.
    • After clicking Find Nearby on the map ribbon, you will be placed into 'select' mode. You can draw a rectangle on the map to select one or more locations from a source layer. The source layer can be changed in the left side panel menu. Click Next in the side panel menu.
    • After clicking Find Nearby from a popup window, the Find Nearby side panel menu will load with the location selected. The layer of the selected location will automatically be used as the source layer.
  3. In the side panel menu, choose whether the search area should be a ring or drive time around the selected location(s). You can change the radius or driving distance the search will be performed within.
    • To save the search area as a layer, use the checkbox in the menu. It can be useful to save the search area if you want to visualize it later.
  4. Select a target layer in the menu. The search will look for locations in the target layer that are near the selected location(s) in the source layer. Click Find.

The results of the search will be selected on the map. The side panel menu will update to show how many locations were found and allow you to select the Excel rows for the found locations.