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Configure infographics

Pop-up infographics are a new way to find information about the the locations in your map. When you click on the Infographics icon in a pop-up window, the ArcGIS platform aggregates the demographics around that feature on your map and delivers them via easy-to-understand infographics. Multiple levels of local geography are provided for easy comparison with the selected feature.

In the following screenshot, an infographic shows the age distrubtution in a 1-mile radius around a college campus. As expected, the bars show a much higher percentage of men and women between the ages of 20 and 24 in the college neighborhood than the rest of the county (shown in white dots). To change the scale of the comparison use the drop-down box in the lower right corner of the infographic.

Be aware that viewing pop-up infographics requires an ArcGIS organizational account and consumes credits.

Age infographic showing age distribution near a college campus.

How to configure infographics

Information is displayed in a carousel of configurable infographics. Each infographic shows the distribution of one variable around the chosen location. A few infographics are turned on by default and can be scrolled through by clicking the arrows beside the infographic. Infographics can be added to or removed from the carousel using the Configure icon in the infographics window.

  1. Click the Configure icon in the infographic window.
  2. Click the dropdown list beside Show available data for: and select the country for which you would like to view infographics variables.
  3. Choose whether you prefer to use the Light or Dark theme by clicking the Select color theme dropdown list.
  4. Choose which variables should appear in the carousel.
    • Place a check mark in the boxes next to the infographics you'd like to see. Uncheck the boxes for the infographics you'd rather not see.
    • Click Add more variables to explore the data collections available from the ArcGIS platform.
    • Choose a data collection to see which variables are contained within it.
    • Place a check mark next to the variables you'd like to see in your infographics carousel.
    • Click Back to return to the Configure Infographics window.
  5. Define the area for which you want information.
    • Select either Ring, Drive Times, or Drive Distance to define the type of area around the selected feature. A ring will return information from a circle around the selected feature. Selecting Drive Times or Drive Distance will return information from an area within a driving distance from the selected feature.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.