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Esri provides ready-to-use web maps that can be leveraged to visualize demographic data. Esri Demographics can be found in many different web maps on ArcGIS Online including maps on Purchasing Power Per Capita and Average Household Size. These ready-to-use map layers include preconfigured pop-up windows, which can be restyled and added to your maps and apps. Web maps with Esri Demographics can be used to pan, view, and zoom in on geographic levels and provide a color-coded thematic representation of the demographic data.

An ArcGIS web map is an interactive display of geographic information that you can use to tell stories and answer questions. Demographic web maps can be found in the Demographics and Lifestyle Group as well as in the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.

Web maps can be opened in standard web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop map viewers. They can be shared through links, embedded in websites, and used to create browser-based and device-based apps.

More information about web maps can be found in the ArcGIS Online Help.

You can access Esri demographic data within ArcGIS Online using the following methods:

  • Use Add layer Add layer icon with a new or existing web map.

    Web map
  • Use Open web map Open web map icon with a pre-configured layer and basemap.

    Pre-configured web map
  • Visit Living Atlas of the World to Browse, Search, or Preview demographic web maps.

    Living Atlas of the World

    Living Atlas map

  • Visit the Demographics and Lifestyle Group to Search or Browse for map layers or pre-configured web maps.

    Demographics and Lifestyle Group