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Enrich it

Data enrichment allows you to enhance your projects with Esri demographic data.

Data enrichment example 1

Mapping data offers great insight into spatial patterns and allows for quick and easy visual analysis, but there may be times where you would like to quickly and easily add contextual information about the area surrounding that data. Esri's data enrichment capabilities allow you to answer questions about locations that you can't answer with maps alone. For example: What kind of people live here? What do people like to do in this area? What are their habits and lifestyles? What kind of businesses are in this area?

Data enrichment example 2

Using the Enrich Layer tool, you can add new columns of contextual data to the rows in your spreadsheet. You can select from demographic, business, landscape, and policy data collections. Each collection has multiple variables that can be added to your spreadsheet to help you better understand your business data.

Geographic data enrichment consumes credits based on the number of variables added to your spreadsheet and the number of features in the selected layer.

For more information about data enrichment and the products it is available in, visit Apps for Everyone or learn about the Enrich Layer tool in ArcGIS Online Help.