Create shares on Data Appliance for ArcGIS for Server

Data Appliance 6.2 for ArcGIS must be configured to share the Data Appliance collection with ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2.x, and 10.3 for Server. The following instructions are for a Data Appliance configuration on Windows.

  1. Log in to Data Appliance for ArcGIS as an administrator.
  2. Start Server Manager and click Select the Local Server > Tasks > Computer Management.
  3. In the Computer Management application, click Shared Folders to expand the tree, right-click the Shares folder, and then choose New Share.

    New Share options for the Shares folder

  4. In the Create a Shared Folder Wizard, click Next to begin.
  5. For Folder Path, click Browse, and browse to the hard drive with the Data Appliance collection (usually drive E). Choose the cache folder (or the source_documents folder) to be shared and click OK.

    Browse For Folder with cache folder selected

  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Name, Description, and Settings dialog box, provide the Share name and Description as indicated in the following table. For Offline setting, accept the default.

    Use the following table to set up the shares for Data Appliance World Basic (Collection 1), World Standard (Collection 2), or North America Standard (Collection 4):

    FolderShare nameDescription



    Data Appliance Cache



    Data Appliance Source Documents

    Use the following table to set up the shares for World Advanced (Collection 3) or North America Advanced (Collection 5):

    FolderShare nameDescription



    Data Appliance Cache Advanced



    Data Appliance Source Documents Advanced

    Name, Description, and Settings dialog box with Share name and Share path for the cache directory

  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose the Customize permissionsoption and click Custom.

    Shared Folder Permissions dialog box with Customize permissions selected

  10. On the Customize Permissions dialog box, click Add.

    Customize Permissions dialog box showing the Add button

  11. On the Select Users or Groups dialog box, click Advanced.

    The Select Users or Groups dialog box expands.

    Select Users or Groups dialog box with two users highlighted
  12. Click Find Now to display a list of all local users. Press the Ctrl key and click the Administrator user and the arcgis user to highlight them. With both users highlighted, click OK above the Search results area.

    The dialog box reverts to a smaller size, and the two users you just selected are listed under Enter the object names to select.

    Select Users or Groups small dialog box

  13. Click OK.
  14. Make sure the permissions for the users and groups are set to Full Control.
  15. Repeat steps 3 through 14 for the source_documents folder. If you have World Advanced or North America Advanced, repeat steps 3 through 14 for the cache_advanced and source_documents_advanced folders as well.