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What's new?


A new Collector app is available on iOS. See What's new in the new app.

Collector for ArcGIS releases with enhancements and fixes. This topic lists the changes made in releases over the last year.

Collector Classic (iOS current release—19.0.2)

Collector Classic on iOS supports the release of the new Collector for ArcGIS app. Starting with version 18.0.3, the name of the app displayed on your device is now Classic, and in the App Store it is renamed Collector Classic. This side-by-side support prevents disruption of your existing workflows. You can have both apps installed on the same device and transition to the new app as your organization is ready to do so. However, future development work is focused on the new app. The new app is coming for Android and Windows device users.

Collector and Collector Classic installed side by side


Collector Classic 19.0.2 includes various bug fixes and improvements.


With Collector Classic 19.0.1, iOS 9.3.5 or later is now required. The name of the app has been corrected to Collector Classic in the App Store for languages other than English.

18.0.3 (Android current release)

Collector for ArcGIS 18.0.3 was released on Android with various bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

18.0.2 (Windows current release)

Collector for ArcGIS 18.0.2 was released on all platforms with various bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

Previous releases

What was new in previous recent releases of Collector for ArcGIS can be found below.


Collector for ArcGIS 18.0.1 was released on all platforms. With it, you can do the following: