Uninstalling Business Analyst Enterprise

Disponible avec une licence Business Analyst.

The GeoEnrichment environment confirmation utility provides an option for removing the environment. This option deletes all the Business Analyst Enterprise services, portal items, and data—returning the ArcGIS Enterprise site to the state before Business Analyst Enterprise components were installed.

To completely uninstall Business Analyst Enterprise, it is recommended that this workflow is performed before uninstalling the GeoEnrichment Server.

  1. In the Start menu, search for GeoEnrichment and click on GeoEnrichment Environment Configuration Utility.

    Remarque :

    It may be necessary to agree to proceed through the User Account Control prompt.

  2. Enter the credentials for the portal administrator user and click Next.
  3. Choose Remove and click Next.
  4. Acknowledge the warning that this action cannot be undone. Check the Confirm check box and click Remove.

    GeoEnrichment Server environment is removed. The progress can be tracked using the status bar.

  5. Once completed, the GeoEnrichment Server setup will display a message letting you know that GeoEnrichment Server has been successfully uninstalled. Click Finish.
  6. Uninstall GeoEnrichment Server from the federated GIS Server.
  7. Uninstall Business Analyst Web App from the base deployment.

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