Introduction to installing Workflow Manager (Windows)

ArcGIS Workflow Manager is a scalable enterprise geographic information system (GIS) workflow management system that streamlines your production process by automating and simplifying the performance of location-enabled work.

When migrating from the ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) extension to the Workflow Manager service-based architecture, the Workflow Manager role must be installed and licensed, and members of your organization must be assigned an ArcGIS Workflow Manager user type extension.

Below are the primary steps to get Workflow Manager up and running.

  1. Verify that your site meets the system requirements.
  2. Modify your firewall to allow communication on the ports used by Workflow Manager.
  3. Install an ArcGIS Server site to function as Workflow Manager.
  4. Authorize ArcGIS Server with a Workflow Manager license.
  5. Install Workflow Manager.
  6. Configure Workflow Manager with an ArcGIS Enterprise portal.
  7. Configure the Workflow Manager web app.