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Create a group

Within an ArcGIS organization, you create groups to securely share things with people. When using Survey123 for ArcGIS, you'll leverage groups to control who can contribute to your surveys. For a group to be meaningful, you need to invite people to it. In this topic, you'll invite people into your organization and the group you create.

To create a group and invite people to it, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Groups tab and click Create a Group.
    Create a group
  2. Type a name in the group name text box (for example, Damage Assessment), add an appropriate tag, and click Save.

    You can optionally provide a summary, description, and 65x65 thumbnail image. While it's good practice to properly describe and take care of the look and feel of a group, it's not necessary for this exercise. All items you create in ArcGIS have tags. Maps, layers, groups and surveys have tags. Tags are important because they help you find things later.

    Now that your group is created, you can invite people to it.

  3. Create a list of emails of up to four people you'll invite to your organization. You must designate a role for each of them.

    You can assign roles of publisher or user. Publishers can create their own surveys, users can contribute data to surveys shared with them but cannot create their own surveys.

  4. Click My Organization.
    My Organization

    You'll invite members to the group you just created.

  5. Click Invite Members.
    Invite Members

    You can add members in different ways. The quickest is to choosing the first option, where you create the username and initial password. Alternatively, you can allow people choose their own password by choosing the second option. For this exercise, you'll use the first option.

  6. Choose Add members automatically without sending an email.
    Add members automatically
  7. Complete all the details. You can change anything later except the username. Keeping the user name is critical, because you'll use it repeatedly when you need to log in from your device. It's best to choose a username that is all lowercase and has no special characters. Repeat this step for all members on your team.

    The password you set in this step is temporary. The first time a user attempts to log in to ArcGIS they'll be prompted to change the password.

  8. Click Add and Review once all members of your team have a username.
  9. Click Groups and choose to add all members to the group.

Before you complete this exercise, confirm that all members of your team are in the group. This is important because if you're not in the group, you won't be able to see surveys in the Survey123 for ArcGIS field app.

Now that you have a group and people in it, you're ready to create, publish, and share a survey, and start collecting data.