Use Survey123 with ArcGIS Enterprise

You can use Survey123 with ArcGIS Enterprise, a product that allows organizations to host ArcGIS capabilities within their own infrastructure, in two ways:

  • Sign in to the website using ArcGIS Enterprise credentials and specifying the portal URL. This does not require additional website setup by a system administrator and will ensure all features of Survey123 are available for use.
  • Have a system administrator install the Survey123 website alongside a deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise. This is required to support a disconnected environment, or to enable your organization to stay on a specific version of the website.

Depending on how Portal for ArcGIS is configured in your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, there are differences in how Survey123 is used and what features are available. The following table lists the differences between portal installations that are behind a firewall or exposed to the web. To learn more about portal deployment options, see Plan your Portal for ArcGIS configuration.

Portal for ArcGIS website Installed website

Behind your firewall

  • Website is not on your domain
  • Requires a URL parameter to sign in
  • Cannot generate Survey123 reports
  • Always have the latest version of the Survey123 website
  • Website is on your domain
  • Does not require a URL parameter to sign in
  • Cannot generate Survey123 reports
  • Can stay on a fixed version of the Survey123 website

Exposed to the web

  • Website is not on your domain
  • Requires a URL parameter to sign in
  • Can generate Survey123 reports
  • Always have the latest version of the Survey123 website
  • Website is on your domain
  • Does not require a URL parameter to sign in
  • Cannot generate Survey123 reports
  • Can stay on a fixed version of the Survey123 website

In most cases, the functionality of Survey123 in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise is the same, but there are exceptions. The remainder of this topic describes the requirements and behaviors when using Survey123 with ArcGIS Enterprise.


Using Survey123 with ArcGIS Enterprise requires a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, and you must have your unique ArcGIS Enterprise portal URL available. For more information, see Installation and Deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise.

By default, ArcGIS Server allows cross-domain requests so that JavaScript clients can invoke the server's services from any domain. However, if ArcGIS Server has been configured to only trust specific domains, you must ensure that the domain is trusted. If the domain is not trusted, the Survey123 website will be unable to retrieve data and you will receive errors. For more information, see Restrict cross-domain requests to ArcGIS Server.

To sign in to your portal in Survey123 Connect or the Survey123 field app, select Settings in the upper right corner of the sign-in screen. All portals that the app has previously signed in to are listed on the Connections page. If you haven't previously signed in to any portals, the only predefined option is ArcGIS Online. To add a portal, select Add connection. Type your organization's portal URL and select Add. Optionally, enable Use external browser for sign in to launch the sign-in screen in an external browser. Select the Back button in the upper left corner to sign in with your organizational credentials.

To sign in to your portal in the Survey123 website, browse to the following URL in your browser, with the provided example portal replaced with your own portal's URL:

The Survey123 website opens, with a message in the top bar displaying your portal URL. Sign in to the website with your portal credentials. The website displays existing surveys from the portal, and you can create new ones. Click the Reset button in the top bar to connect the Survey123 website back to ArcGIS Online.

To configure Survey123 Connect to use your locally installed API, click Services under Settings and provide the URL of your installation, for example, You can verify that Survey123 Connect is using your locally installed API by using a web debugging proxy server application (for example, Fiddler or Charles) and observing the request sent by the computer running Survey123 Connect. You should now see the xls2xform request going to your machine instead of


ArcGIS Survey123 can be used with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 or later configured with a base deployment.


Installation of the latest Survey123 website on your infrastructure requires ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 or later.

The latest version is 3.19.1.

For the following versions of ArcGIS Enterprise, it is recommended that you install the corresponding verison of the Survey123 website:

ArcGIS Enterprise versionSurvey123 website installer version











In general, later versions of the Survey123 website installer can be installed with earlier versions of ArcGIS Enterprise. However, you may encounter an error or warning message when using newer features in the Survey123 website that rely on a later version of ArcGIS Enterprise.

If installing on a stand-alone web server, the same operating system and hardware requirements as for ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 on Windows and Linux apply, with the exception of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, which are not compatible.


Surveys published to ArcGIS Enterprise have the limitations listed below, which are different from those published to ArcGIS Online.

Feature layer limitations

Limitations with feature layers include the following:

  • You cannot publish surveys to ArcGIS Enterprise that use certain reserved keywords as field names, such as end (field names containing these keywords are acceptable, such as endSurvey, as long as they are not exactly the keyword). Reserved keywords are listed in the Reserved worksheet of the Survey123 XLSForm templates.
  • All field names must be lowercase when publishing to ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • The maximum number of columns that a feature layer published to a portal can contain depends on your enterprise geodatabase. See the documentation for your database management system to determine size limits. If the number of questions in your survey exceeds the column limit for your enterprise geodatabase, the workaround is to include a repeat, and set repeat_count to 1 to extend the survey over multiple tables.
  • The name of a question in the survey worksheet must be fewer than 32 characters.
  • You cannot upload Survey123 content to ArcGIS Enterprise or Portal for ArcGIS if you are not using ArcGIS Data Store.
  • When ArcGIS Enterprise is deployed in a disconnected environment, survey templates, samples, and submission URLs to ArcGIS Online feature layers do not work.
  • Submission URLs cannot be used directly with a nonfederated ArcGIS Server feature layer. A workaround is provided by registering the service with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • If using a multiuser geodatabase, layers can use branch versioning but not traditional versioning. Survey123 will target the default version when using a branch versioned geodatabase. For more information, see Versioning types.
  • esriFieldTypeDateOnly, esriFieldTypeTimeOnly, esriFieldTypeTimestampOffset, and esriFieldBigInteger can only be used in ArcGIS Online. These field types are available in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 and later.

Survey123 website limitations

Limitations with the Survey123 website include the following:

  • Printing using report templates does not work with ArcGIS Enterprise deployments that aren't public facing. Attempting to do so will present a getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND error.
  • Printing using report templates does not work with ArcGIS Enterprise deployments that use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA).
  • Surveys shared publicly cannot be accessed through the web app on Microsoft Edge when using ArcGIS Enterprise deployments that use IWA.
  • The Survey123 website cannot be accessed in Safari when using ArcGIS Enterprise deployments that use IWA. A workaround is to install the Survey123 website on your infrastructure and make it available on the same web server as the ArcGIS Web Adaptor that your portal uses.
  • Images, audio, and file attachments that have been submitted to the feature layer are not linked to the question to which they were submitted in ArcGIS Enterprise versions earlier than 10.8.1.
  • The results of your survey can't be exported in KML format.
  • When the Survey123 website is installed on your infrastructure, the reporting API cannot be used. Reports can only be generated when using
  • Translations cannot be exported and imported when using version 3.18 or earlier of the installed Survey123 website.

Mobile devices and ArcGIS Enterprise

For an overview of the security capabilities available for the ArcGIS components, as well as current best practices, see ArcGIS security.