Launch another app from Survey123

Many apps can be opened through links. You can create a URL that opens another app and insert it into your survey. These apps can also accept custom parameters in their URLs in the same way as Survey123.

To start, you must add a note question to your survey with a label that contains the URL.


On iOS devices, URL schemes other than HTTP and HTTPS must be added to an approved list of schemes in the app. The following URL schemes are approved in Survey123:

  • arcgis-appstudio-player
  • arcgis-quickcapture
  • arcgis-collector ArcGIS Collector on Windows only
  • arcgis-trek2there
  • arcgis-navigator
  • arcgis-workforce Workforce for ArcGIS (Classic) only
  • comgooglemaps
  • foreflightmobile
  • waze
  • spike-partner

To link to Field Maps and the newest version of Workforce, you must use an app link that begins with HTTP or HTTPS.

See the following for information about some of the common Esri apps that can be opened through Survey123: