Known issues

The image submissions in my survey are listed as attachments, with no association to the questions they were submitted in.

Image attachments use keyword properties to associate an image to the question it was submitted against. Keyword properties are not supported by ArcGIS Enterprise prior to 10.8.1, so an image submitted to a survey published in ArcGIS Enterprise portal prior to 10.8.1 will not be associated to a question. Similarly, images attached to a feature through a method other than a survey (for example, in ArcGIS Pro or an ArcGIS Online web map) may not have keywords.

The fonts in my PDF and preview reports are different from what I set in my template.

This can happen if your template uses a font that isn't recognized by the PDF report engine. You can fix this by embedding your required fonts into your DOCX report template.

My reports are failing to generate after significant wait time.

Report generation will automatically fail after 10 minutes. This lengthy generation time could have multiple potential causes, including many maps or a large number of images. To avoid this, consider truncating your reports or dividing them into several smaller reports.

The map on the Data page of my survey shows locations, but when I open Map Viewer, there are no locations.

For a survey published in Survey123 Connect, unless the inbox is enabled or sent surveys are allowed to be edited, Survey123 Connect will apply the most secure settings to the feature layer. These settings will not allow Map Viewer Classic to display your data.

Either choose Enable Inbox or Allow sent surveys to be edited on the Options tab in Survey123 Connect and republish the survey, or enable Delete or Update in the feature layer's settings.