2024 release draft crosswalk

The crosswalk document provides a comparison of ArcGIS StreetMap Premium 2023 release layers and their attributes with the layers and attributes available for ArcGIS StreetMap Premium 2024 North America releases, starting with North America 2024 Release 2 (note there was not a North America 2024 Release 1).

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium 2023 to 2024 Release Draft Crosswalk (XLSX file)

Customers should identify any affected internal processes and be ready to update them. Documentation including an updated data dictionary will be provided with the product release.

Key crosswalk terms

The following terms are included in the crosswalk document:

  • 2023 Release: Includes all feature classes and attributes in the 2023 releases.
  • 2024 Release: For each attribute in the 2023 releases, the corresponding 2024 release feature class and attribute name is provided.
  • Format or Set of Values Changed: Provides additional information regarding the change:
    • No—Only the attribute name changed. The data format and set of values did not change between the 2023 and 2024 release.
    • Yes—The data format or set of values did change between the 2023 and 2024 release.
    • Not Applicable.
  • Pending: Attribute or feature class is not included in the initial 2024 release but will be added to ArcGIS StreetMap Premium in an upcoming release.

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