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Install ArcGIS for SharePoint

You must be a SharePoint site administrator to install and configure the add-in. There are many ways a SharePoint organization can be administered, and your installation experience may differ slightly from the procedures outlined here. Contact your SharePoint administrator for details about your organization, or refer to the Microsoft SharePoint documentation.

ArcGIS for SharePoint is a SharePoint add-in that contains the ArcGIS Maps Classic app part, the ArcGIS Maps Locate integrated workflow, and the ArcGIS Map Search app part.

  • ArcGIS Maps Classic—Allows you to display and analyze data from SharePoint lists, ArcGIS hosted feature services, and ArcGIS web maps on an interactive map.
  • ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow—Reads specified information from your SharePoint list and generates a new list column containing location information that can be used to plot features on a map.
  • ArcGIS Map Search—Allows you to tag documents and document sets with location-based metadata and search for those items using a map.


In versions 4.1 and earlier, ArcGIS for SharePoint was distributed as two separate apps: Esri Maps and Esri Maps Locate Workflow. ArcGIS for SharePoint is now available as a single add-in named ArcGIS Maps Classic, which integrates the ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow and ArcGIS Map Search. Updating an existing Esri Maps app will not remove an existing Esri Maps Locate Workflow app; you must uninstall it before using the new ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow included in the new add-in.

After you install the app, you must configure it before it can be used.

Install on a SharePoint site


SharePoint provides two deployment scopes for SharePoint add-ins:

  • Web scope—Install the add-in on a per-site basis.
  • Tenant scope—Install multiple add-ins in batch mode.

Because ArcGIS for SharePoint contains custom add-in parts, it cannot be installed using the tenant deployment scope. For more information, see Tenancies and deployment scopes for SharePoint Add-ins.

To add the ArcGIS Maps Classic app to a SharePoint site, do the following:

  1. From your site's Site Contents page, click add an app.

    The Your apps page appears, showing the ArcGIS Maps Classic app under Apps you can add.

  2. Click the ArcGIS Maps Classic tile.
  3. Alternatively, from the Quick Launch menu, click SharePoint Store.
  4. In the SharePoint store, search for ArcGIS.

    The search results page shows the ArcGIS Maps Classic tile.

  5. Click the ArcGIS Maps Classic tile.

    The ArcGIS Maps Classic app details page appears.

  6. Click Add it.
  7. On the Trust message that appears, click Trust It.

    The app is now listed in the Site Contents of the specified site.

When the installation is complete, configure ArcGIS for SharePoint.