Search for geotagged documents

Once you have geotagged SharePoint documents using attributes from referenced layers, you can perform a geosearch to locate geotagged documents. A geosearch helps you to quickly find documents in your SharePoint site collection and across your organization using a location on the map or the attributes assigned to documents as geotags.

You can click the map or type keywords in the search field to perform a geosearch. Based on your specifications in the Search options pane, your keyword search returns geotagged documents accordingly.

SharePoint geosearch search options


You can perform a geosearch without using edit mode. However, geotagging and configuring attributes requires the activation of edit mode.

Perform the following steps to conduct a geosearch:

  1. From the map tools, select Geotag and geosearch Geotag and geosearch.

    The geotag and geosearch tools appear.

  2. From the geotag and geosearch tools, select Geosearch documents Geosearch documents.

    The Geosearch documents pane appears.

  3. Click the Filter button Filter to select from the following options:

    Search optionShow search results fromAdvanced option

    Search by tags only—This option is selected by default. You may keep it checked, or uncheck it based on your geosearch parameters. SharePoint uses the tagged attribute values to search and find documents with those tagged values in the Enterprise Keywords terms sets.

    Shows results from the layers you added in the Layers pane.

    File type—View a specific document type. This option lists the various document types included in the search results and the number of documents of that type. Click a result type to show results matching the specified document type.

    Search within current site—The search is restricted to the current SharePoint site.

    Display Author—View documents by a specific author. This option lists the document authors in the search results and the number of documents attributed to each author. Click an author to show documents created by that person.

    Strict search—Search for documents matching precisely the keywords provided in the search field.

    Modified date—Filter the option list to All time, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, or Last 30 days. You can also provide a value for a custom date range using a date picker.

    Click Clear filters to clear selections, if necessary.

  4. Click Close Close, or click anywhere on the map frame to close the Search options pane.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click a feature on the map.

      A pop-up appears listing related document details. Document search results are displayed in the Geosearch documents pane.

      Geosearch documents list and details pop up

    • Type a keyword in the search field and press Enter. The keyword search results are displayed in the Geosearch documents pane, including relevant documents and their tags.

      Keyword search and document list with preview

    The Geosearch documents pane lists all geotagged documents that match your search parameters.

  6. Hover over a document entry in the Geosearch documents pane to preview it.

    A pop-up appears, showing the document title, a preview of the document's first page, the date the document was last modified, a list of contributors, and a link to open the document.