Geocode lists containing coordinate data

SharePoint lists can contain numerical columns that store the geographic location of each item as latitude and longitude coordinates. ArcGIS for SharePoint considers such lists as already geoenabled, and no further work is required to map the data, provided the coordinate columns meet the following requirement:

  • The titles of the columns that contain these coordinates must match one of eight predefined field name combinations. Note that these values are case-sensitive.
    • X, Y
    • x, y
    • ShapeX, ShapeY
    • Lat, Lon
    • lat, lon
    • Latitude, Longitude
    • latitude, longitude
    • Shape

The first seven values represent geographical coordinates, while the eighth, Shape, defines a column that stores esri-geometry-json strings. This column will typically only appear in your data if you've previously run the ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow on the data.

ArcGIS for SharePoint will not recognize coordinate titles named otherwise, such as myX, myY.

If your coordinate column titles conform to this standard, you can add the data to a map.

Coordinate systems cannot be specified in SharePoint Online.