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ArcGIS for SharePoint supports the latest releases of SharePoint, including 2013, 2016, 2019, and SharePointOnline. SharePoint 2010 will remain supported at version 5.0.

To upgrade to the latest ArcGIS for SharePoint version on SharePoint 2010, organizations should first ensure that they are using a supported SharePoint version or upgrade older farms to one of the newer supported versions (SharePoint 2013, 2016, or 2019).

Esri will continue to support existing deployments of ArcGIS for SharePoint running on SharePoint 2010 until Microsoft's official extended support end date for SharePoint 2010. It is strongly recommended that all organizations upgrade their SharePoint farms to a newer version before that date.

ArcGIS for SharePoint 2021.2 followed a major update that included a new, fully redesigned app for modern SharePoint pages. This app, called ArcGIS Maps, is now available alongside the previous app (renamed ArcGIS Maps Classic).

In addition to new features and an updated user experience, ArcGIS Maps includes deprecation and temporary suspension of support for several features. See a complete feature comparison of what you can do in ArcGIS Maps and ArcGIS Maps Classic.

ArcGIS for SharePoint 2022.1 includes the following new features and enhancements:

What's new

  • You can measure linear distance or an area with the Measure tool. This ArcGIS for SharePoint tool leverages the measurement widgets offered by ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
  • You can represent the relationship between two data distributions in the Styling pane. The two variables are classified independently and their combination is represented using a mix of symbol color and size.
  • You can add a SharePoint list to a page that publishes the data in ArcGIS Maps. You can then use the SharePoint list to interact with the map.
  • You can link ArcGIS for SharePoint to Microsoft Teams. Follow these steps to set up the Microsoft SharePoint Framework (SPFx) in the app catalog.


  • In software, telemetry is used to gather data on the use and performance of applications and application components, and very detailed data is reported, such as individual window metrics, counts of used features, and individual function timing. ArcGIS for SharePoint gives you the choice to turn telemetry on and off with the Send usage data to Esri toggle button in the EUEI program section of the Settings pane.

  • You can adjust the width and height of the widgets and view long attribute or property names in their entirety without having to move the mouse over the ellipsis to view the full text.
  • Drive time analysis now supports both 12hr and 24hr format.
  • The Layers pane now has icons for data sources and type of web layer. In addition, if the added data source has date-time fields, they are indicated by specific icons.
  • You can turn the Time Slider on or off in the Time pane.

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