Esri User Experience Improvement program

Esri works continuously to improve its products, and one of the best ways to find out what needs improvement is through customer feedback. The Esri User Experience Improvement (EUEI) program allows you to contribute to the design and development of ArcGIS for SharePoint. The program collects information about your computer hardware and how you use ArcGIS for SharePoint, without interrupting your work. The program is voluntary and anonymous; none of the information collected is used to identify or contact you.


In the Settings pane, in the EUEI program section, the Send usage data to Esri toggle button is turned off by default. You can turn it on if you choose to participate in the program.

The following questions and answers provide detailed information about the program.

What happens when I participate in the EUEI program?

Esri collects information about your computer and how you are using ArcGIS for SharePoint. This information is stored in an encoded file that is occasionally sent to Esri while you are working. The collection and submission method is unobtrusive and has no impact on your use of the software.

What kind of data is collected?

Some examples of the data are hardware information, such as the version of your operating system; information about your graphics card; the commands and tools you are using; how long you use the application; error report information; and so on. The EUEI program does not collect personal information related to you or your organization, such as your IP address, login information, or specifics about data you may be using.

Does Esri collect information about other software on my system?

No, the program does not actively collect information outside of ArcGIS for SharePoint. However, some general information may be collected from third-party software that extends ArcGIS.

Can I opt out of the program?

Yes, you can opt in or out at any time by changing the option in the Settings pane. For more information, see Settings pane.

Will Esri contact me about the program?

No. The EUEI program does not collect personal or contact information that can be linked back to an individual user. The program is anonymous.

What is the size of the generated report?

The EUEI program reports are generally small, averaging a few megabytes or less.

How is my privacy protected if I choose to participate in the program?

Esri respects your privacy and does not gather personal information about you or your system. To properly aggregate and prioritize the data, the program creates a globally unique identifier (GUID) that is stored on your computer. This ID allows the program to distinguish between one hundred users providing feedback or one user who provides feedback a hundred times. The GUID is a randomly generated number and is not used to identify you.

For more information, see the Esri Privacy Statement.